Wall-Mounted Storage Cabinets

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  1. Wall-Mount Garment Racks by Advance Tabco
    Some ship in 10 - 20 days
    1 Design1 Hangers1 Material1 Configuration1 Capacity3 Width1 Style

    Design: Wall Mount Single Rack
    Hangers: Closed Loop
    Material: 304 SS
    Configuration: Scored Notches
    Capacity: 12 Hangers
    Width: 48", 60", 72"
    Style: Cylindrical Tube
  2. Stocked
    Wall-Mount Garment Racks by InterMetro
    Some ship in 4 - 6 days
    1 Design1 Hangers1 Material1 Configuration4 Capacity4 Width4 Manufacturer SKU

    Design: Wall Mount Single Rack
    Hangers: Closed Loop
    Material: EP 304 SS
    Configuration: Sliding Position
    Capacity: 11 Hangers, 15 Hangers, 19 Hangers, 23 Hangers
    Width: 36", 48", 60", 72"
    Manufacturer SKU: GRW2436S, GRW2448S, GRW2460S, GRW2472S
  3. Stocked
    Wall-Mount Cleanroom Storage Cabinets
    Some ship in 1 - 3 days
    1 Design4 Material2 Configuration3 Compartments3 Width3 Depth3 Height2 Chamber Height

    Design: Wall Mount Cabinet
    Material: Acrylic, SDPVC, Polypropylene, 304 SS
    Configuration: Non-Locking, Locking
    Compartments: 9 Chambers, 3 Chambers, 1 Chamber
    Width: 48", 49", 24"
    Depth: 12", 12.5", 15"
    Height: 36", 12.5", 20.25"
    Chamber Height: 12", 20.25"
  4. Lab Cabinet; Wall-Mounted Polymer with Clear Doors (1306-88)
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    Usually ships in 30 - 32 days

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18 products meet your criteria.

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Wall-Mounted Cabinet Features

Free Shipping on Metro Orders

Terra offers free ground freight to the lower 48 states on qualifying Metro orders. Talk to your Terra sales specialist for details.

Easy Installation

Affix storage cabinet to wall using these pre-drilled screw holes built into back panel.

Easy Access

Hinged-doors swing up to open cubbies. Locking cabinets with padlock loops also available.

Wall-Mounted Garment Rack Front view

The knockdown design of the wall mount garment racks, reduces shipping costs (assembly required)

Wall-Mounted Garment Rack Top View

The rod top design allows airflow and storage for anything stored above and below the racks

Wall-Mounted Garment Rack Side View

These racks features easy installation on the wall. Purchase optional coat hangers separately

Cabinet Designs

  • Cleanroom Storage Cabinet, SDPVC Model Cleanroom Storage Cabinet, SDPVC Model
  • Stocking, Kitting and Dispensing Cabinet by Terra Universal Stocking, Kitting and Dispensing Cabinet

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