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    Stocking, Kitting, and Dispensing Cabinets
    Some ship in 0 - 2 days
    1 Type2 Material1 Configuration2 Compartments

    Type: Stocking Cubbies
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Cold Rolled Steel
    Configuration: Dispensing Bin
    Compartments: 20 Compartments, 20 Compartments/ 1 Cabinet
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    Wall-Mount Cleanroom Storage Cabinets
    Some ship in 0 - 2 days
    1 Design4 Material2 Configuration3 Compartments3 Width3 Depth3 Height2 Chamber Height

    Design: Wall Mount Cabinet
    Material: Acrylic, SDPVC, Polypropylene, 304 SS
    Configuration: Non-Locking, Locking
    Compartments: 9 Chambers, 3 Chambers, 1 Chamber
    Width: 48", 49", 24"
    Depth: 12", 12.5", 15"
    Height: 36", 12.5", 20.25"
    Chamber Height: 12", 20.25"
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14 products meet your criteria.

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Kitting Cabinet Features

Easy Installation

Affix storage cabinet to wall using these pre-drilled screw holes built into back panel.

Easy Access

Hinged-doors swing up to open cubbies. Locking cabinets with padlock loops also available.

Dedication to Business Ethics

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