Stick-Built Cleanrooms

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Stick-Built Cleanroom Benefits

Turnkey Solution

Speak with a Terra product specialist to facilitate a design that meets your needs, including hoods, biosafety cabinets, carts, furniture, seating and storage solutions

Reduced Construction Risk

Cleanrooms are built quickly without disruptions to daily operations and business

Vertically-Integrated Services

Terra offers fully integrated cleanroom engineering design, architecture, construction and system integration

Increased Flexibility

Hybrid stick-built cleanrooms accomodate changes to regulation, procedures, equipment and company growth and obviate the need to field-cut dry wall

Fully Integrated Cleanroom Design

Terra's design offers ultimate flexibility: new facility build-outs or retrofits of existing spaces

Durable Cleanroom Walls

FRP and uPVC panels, unlike gypsum, resist moisture and humidity, preventing mold and bacterial growth. Panel formulations withstand rigorous daily cleaning.

Recent Stick-Built Projects

  • USP <797> Stick-Built Cleanroom USP <797> Stick-Built Cleanroom
  • Stick-Built Cleanroom for Pharmacy Compounding Stick-Built Cleanroom for Pharmacy Compounding
  • Custom CleanSeam Stainless Steel Pass-through Chambers Custom CleanSeam™ Stainless Steel Pass-Through Chambers
  • Fully Integrated Cleanroom Design Fully Integrated Cleanroom Design
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