Contamination-Free Plastic Storage Cabinets

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    Plastic Cleanroom Storage Cabinets
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    ISO 7 IconISO 7 IconCE Mark LogoCE Mark LogoULus ListedULus ListedStockedStockedCorrosive Resistant IconCorrosive Resistant Icon
    1 Design1 Material3 Compartments2 Blower/Filter3 Width2 Depth3 Height3 Shelves1 Chamber Height1 ISO Class

    • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 7, ISO 8
    • Polypropylene cleanroom cabinet offers broad chemical resistance for corrosive material storage
    • Lab storage cabinet with adjustable shelves and spacious interior accommodates large containers
    • Cleanroom storage cabinet with reinforced doors safely locks to secure valuable materials
    • Optional stand and casters improve mobility and elevate cabinet above ground for cleaning underneath
    • Static-dissipative PVC windows make cabinet interior visible and minimize particle build-up
    Design: Free Standing Cabinet
    Material: Polypropylene
    Compartments: 4 Chambers, 1 Chamber, 2 Chambers
    Blower/Filter: HEPA Blower, No HEPA Blower
    Width: 25.5", 25", 49"
    Depth: 16.5", 24"
    Height: 63.5", 30", 60"
    Shelves: 3 Shelves, 1 Shelf, 2 Shelves
    Chamber Height: 15"
    ISO Class: ISO 7
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    Laminar Flow Cabinets
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    CE Mark LogoCE Mark LogoULus ListedULus ListedBioSafe classic logoBioSafe classic logoISO 6 IconISO 6 IconStockedStocked
    1 Type1 Design3 Material1 Configuration4 Compartments4 Width2 Depth4 Height1 ISO Class

    • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8
    Type: HEPA-Filtered
    Design: Free Standing
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Static-Dissipative PVC
    Configuration: HEPA-Filtered
    Compartments: 1, 6, 8, 10
    Width: 48", 36", 24", 37"
    Depth: 24", 16"
    Height: 38", 46", 58", 70"
    ISO Class: ISO 6
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    Contamination-Free Plastic Storage Cabinets
    As low as $328
    Some ship in 1 - 3 days
    ISO 7 IconISO 7 IconCE Mark LogoCE Mark LogoULus ListedULus ListedStockedStocked
    3 Material8 Number of Chambers3 Chamber Width3 Chamber Depth2 Chamber Height2 ISO Class

    • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 7, ISO 8
    • Economical, transparent, contamination-free storage cabinet for lab, cleanroom, and stockroom use
    • Offers clean, organized, high visibility storage for particle sensitive samples, materials, devices
    • Transparent walls help quickly find items anywhere inside, even those hiding in the back or bottom
    • Cleanroom compliant design includes corrosion resistant, non-particle shedding hardware
    • Innovative wall fusing technology creates a rigid, durable structure with increased weight capacity
    Material: Acrylic, Static-Dissipative PVC, Polycarbonate
    Number of Chambers: 1 Chamber, 2 Chambers, 3 Chambers, 4 Chambers, 5 Chambers, 6 Chambers, 8 Chambers, 10 Chambers
    Chamber Width: 16.625", 16.75", 17.219"
    Chamber Depth: 15.125", 15.4", 15.25"
    Chamber Height: 11.75", 11.8"
    ISO Class: ISO 8, ISO 7
  4. Cabinet Workbenches for Cleanrooms and Labs
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    Some ship in 10 - 16 days
    ISO 6 IconISO 6 IconCorrosive Resistant IconCorrosive Resistant Icon
    2 Top Material1 Frame Material5 Width1 Depth1 Height1 ISO Class

    • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8
    • Cabinet workbench ideal for ISO 5 Class 100 cleanrooms and labs with contamination sensitive work
    • Base cabinets are suitable for supporting Terra Universal benchtop laminar flow or fume hoods
    • Provides effective and easily accessible storage space underneath your workstation for a clean and tidy lab
    • Easy-to-clean design is ideal for applications that require frequent wipe-downs
    • REQUIRES ASSEMBLY: Base cabinet and table top ship separately
    Top Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Epoxy Resin
    Frame Material: 304 SS
    Width: 24", 36", 48", 60", 72"
    Depth: 30"
    Height: 31"
    ISO Class: ISO 6
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42 products meet your criteria.

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Critical Environment Solutions

Terra's mission is to help customers in highly regulated industries transform the world with critical environment solutions that improve health, safety, performance, and yields. These environments may comply with stringent UL, ISO, IEST, ASTM and OSHA standards and local requirements.

Contamination-Free Plastic Storage Cabinets

  • Watch Terra's Video on a HEPA Filtered Laminar Flow Cabinet Smoke Test

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