ValuLine™ Portable Plastic Glove Boxes

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    ValuLine™ Portable Plastic Glove Box Isolators
    Some ship in 1 - 3 days
    4 Chamber Material3 Window Material1 Chamber Width1 Chamber Depth1 Chamber Height1 Number of Glove Ports

    • Economical, lightweight and fit easily on laboratory bench tops or mobile stands
    • Equipped with (3) Relief/Bleed valves and fitting for flowmeter (sold separately)
    • Gasketed side door features stainless-steel frame and stainless steel LiftLatch
    • Includes two 9" (229 mm) diameter glove ports that provide a wide range of motion
    • Optional airlock provides a controlled environment for moving samples into and out of the glovebox; reinforced, stainless-steel framed door ensures airlock longevity
    Chamber Material: Acrylic, Static Dissipative PVC, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate
    Window Material: Acrylic, Static-Dissipative PVC, Polycarbonate
    Chamber Width: 25.5"
    Chamber Depth: 19.5"
    Chamber Height: 17.5"
    Number of Glove Ports: 2
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    Mail Handling Glove Boxes
    Some ship in 1 - 3 days
    1 Material2 Chamber Width1 Chamber Depth1 Chamber Height2 Number of Glove Ports

    • Sealed enclosure for batch processing mail
    • Slows down the spread of potential contaminants or hazardous subtances
    • Clear acrylic construction for visibility of everything in the chamber
    • Includes two 15" x 15" doors on either side for transferring mail into the glovebox
    • Factory-installed duplex outlet for letter openers and other small appliances
    Material: Acrylic
    Chamber Width: 35", 59"
    Chamber Depth: 24"
    Chamber Height: 25"
    Number of Glove Ports: 2, 4
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9 products meet your criteria.

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Portable Plastic Glove Boxes by Terra Universal

Portable Acrylic Glovebox

Economical and lightweight glovebox maintains a low-humidity environment to protect moisture-sensitive parts. Order flowmeter for low-cost nitrogen control.

Captair® Pyramid Glovebox

This low-cost enclosure, base, and gloves are made of flexible PVC and assembled by high frequency welding to guarantee laboratory-certified air tightness.

Portable Glove Box

Economical, lightweight, portable glove box features a one-piece polyethylene shell with large acrylic viewing window; top flange accommodates multiple duct sizes to allow exhaust ventilation.

Different N2 Generator Options to Meet Your Needs

Choose among 3 different sizes of portable nitrogen generator designs to meet your N2 requirements. Suitable for both industrial and commercial applications.

ValuLine™ Portable Plastic Glove Boxes

  • Portable Acrylic Glove Box Portable Acrylic Glovebox
  • Pyramid Mobile and Disposable Glovebox Captair® Pyramid Glovebox
  • Portable Glove Box Portable Glove Box
  • portable nitrogen generator<br/> Different N2 Generator Options to Meet Your Needs

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