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ButylSleeve8"15 milN/A 1670-50 $28720-26 Days
ButylSleeve8"30 milN/A 1670-51 $2761-3 Days
ButylHandN/A17 mil9 1670-59 $9620-26 Days
ButylHandN/A17 mil10 1670-60 $891-3 Days
NeopreneHand8"15 mil7 1670-82 $7110-12 Days
NeopreneHandN/A18 mil8 1670-83 $831-3 Days
NeopreneHandN/A18 mil9 1670-84 $831-3 Days
Neoprene1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"18 mil8 1689-02 $1631-3 Days
Neoprene1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"18 mil9 1689-03 $1881-3 Days
Neoprene1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"18 mil10 1689-04 $1845-7 Days
ButylHand8"15 mil8 1689-36 $15625-31 Days
NeopreneSleeve8"18 milN/A 1690-91 $1691-3 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"15 mil8 1671-01 $2111-3 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"15 mil9 1671-02 $1921-3 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"15 mil10 1671-03 $2110-2 Days
HypalonHandN/A15 mil8 1671-05 $1221-3 Days
HypalonHandN/A15 mil9 1671-06 $1221-3 Days
HypalonHandN/A15 mil10 1671-07 $961-3 Days
HypalonSleeve8"15 milN/A 1671-08 $3701-3 Days
Hypalon1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"15 mil8 1671-09 $2741-3 Days
Hypalon1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"15 mil9 1671-10 $2821-3 Days
Hypalon1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"15 mil10 1671-11 $2741-3 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"30 mil8 1671-12 $37420-26 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"30 mil9 1671-13 $2761-3 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"30 mil10 1671-14 $36520-26 Days
ButylSleeve10"15 milN/A 1670-10 $3211-3 Days
ButylSleeve10"30 milN/A 1670-11 $55720-26 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"30 mil9 1671-16 $3371-3 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"15 mil9 1671-15 $3951-3 Days
NeopreneSleeve10"18 milN/A 1690-92 $2581-3 Days
Neoprene1 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"18 mil10 1689-56 $2541-3 Days
Neoprene1 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"18 mil8 1689-53 $2311-3 Days
Neoprene1 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"18 mil9 1689-55 $2631-3 Days
Hypalon1 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"15 mil9 1671-17 $3445-7 Days
HypalonSleeve10"15 milN/A 1671-18 $3701-3 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"27 mil9 1670-12 $1331-3 Days
ButadylHand10"27 mil8 1670-13 $391-3 Days
ButadylHand10"27 mil9 1670-14 $391-3 Days
ButadylHand10"27 mil10 1670-15 $391-3 Days
ButadylSleeve8"27 milN/A 1670-16 $1231-3 Days
ButadylSleeve10"27 milN/A 1670-17 $1321-3 Days
NitrileHandN/A15 mil8 1671-50 $71-3 Days
NitrileHandN/A15 mil9 1671-51 $71-3 Days
NitrileHandN/A15 mil10 1671-52 $71-3 Days
NeopreneHandN/A18 mil8 1671-56 $201-3 Days
NeopreneHandN/A18 mil9 1671-57 $201-3 Days
NeopreneHandN/A18 mil10 1671-58 $2010-16 Days
Neoprene/Nitrile2 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"18 mil8 1681-90B $3861-3 Days
Neoprene/Nitrile2 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"18 mil9 1681-91B $4041-3 Days
Neoprene/Nitrile2 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"18 mil10 1681-92B $4061-3 Days
Neoprene/Nitrile2 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"18 mil8 1689-46 $4611-3 Days
Neoprene/Nitrile2 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"18 mil9 1689-47 $4431-3 Days
Neoprene/Nitrile2 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"18 mil10 1689-48 $4441-3 Days
Butadyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"27 mil8 1670-95 $1851-3 Days
Butadyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"27 mil10 1670-96 $1311-3 Days
Butadyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"27 mil10 1670-97 $1871-3 Days
PolypropyleneConnectorN/AN/AN/A 1671-20 $471-3 Days
HypalonHand10"15 mil8 1671-21 $42440-42 Days
HypalonHand10"15 mil10 1671-22 $42410-12 Days
ButylHand8"17 mil7 1671-23 $10620-26 Days
ButylHand8"17 mil8 1671-24 $10620-26 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve8"15 mil8 1671-25 $39520-26 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"15 mil10 1671-26 $43530-40 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"30 mil8 1671-27 $55720-26 Days
Butyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"30 mil10 1671-28 $3241-3 Days
Butadyl1 Piece Hand/Sleeve10"15 mil10 1670-98 $31415-17 Days
Port Size
Glove Thickness
Hand Size
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• Available as one-piece, fully dipped gloves or two-piece glove and sleeve combinations with Glove-Under-Sleeve (GUS) connectors to allow fast, inexpensive glove replacement

• Sizes for installation on 8”- or 10”-diameter gloveboxes

• Full range of gloves, including heavy-weight nitrile and neoprene

• Accordion neoprene sleeves resist blowback, allow easier hand insertion

Hypalon offers outstanding resistance to abrasion, ozone and oxidizing chemicals; its natural softness enhances worker comfort

Butadyl offers anti-static properties, making it an excellent choice when static discharge is a concern; these gloves are strong, puncture resistant, and shed less than many other materials. Offer strong resistance to aromatic dydrocarbons, solvents, fats and acids; ideal for work with chemo drug preps and other hazardous compounds

Neoprene offers high tensile strength and flexibility; ideal for work that requires sensitivity and dexterity.

Butyl provides the highest impermeability to water vapor, gases and toxic chemicals, including missile fuelds, acids and bases; resists swelling and attach by solvents and oxidizing agents, such as simple alcohols, ketones and esters. Remains flexible at temperatures as low as -40 degrees C.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Accordion Sleeves

Specially-designed sleeves prevent inconvenient blow-back of gloves. They hold their shape and are strong enough to resist internal chamber pressure.

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