Maximum Speed: 1200 rpm

Plate Diameter: 10.5"

• Max Load: 35 lbs. (9.3 kg)

• Material: Ceramic top surface; aluminum body

• Stirring Positions: 4

• Certification: cCSAus

• Included PTFE-coated probe controls top plate surface temperature or liquid temperature

• Calibration mode calibrates remote probe to

• a user selected temperature

• StirTrac technology with superb magnetic coupling provides smooth slow speed stirring and rapid breaking

• User-defined walk away timer shuts off heating, stirring or both

• Integrated ring stand, single knob design and RS232 output

Safety Features

• Cast-aluminum base designed to divert spills from internal electronics

• Red HOT TOP warning light activates when heating surface is above 50°C (122°F) and continues to flash

• HOT OFF until surface temperature falls to

• 50°C or below, even when heat control is turned off Lock feature prevents accidental changes


Application: General Purpose

Maximum Temperature: 370°C

Material: Ceramic

Design: Stirrer

Controls: Digital

Maximum Speed: 1200 rpm

Model: Super Nuova

Plate Diameter: 10.5"

Manufacturer SKU: S136035Q

Unit of Measure: EA


Marks & Listings: UL, cCSAus

Electrical Specifications: 120 V, 11.8 A, 1,416 W, 60 Hz

Weight, Product: 20.5 Lbs

Dimensions, Product: 16.5" W x 11.5" D x 4" H

Weight, Shipping: 25 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 22.5" W x 19" D x 10" H

Package Type: Box

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