• Number of Reactions: 16

• For Processing: Single Reaction

• Lysis Time: approx. 120 minutes

• Extraction Time: approx. 38 - 47 minutes

• Average Purity: 1.8 - 2.0

Starting material: Blood and traces of blood, Hair, hair roots and beard stubble, Finger nails, Stamps and envelopes, Cigarette butts, chewing gum, Swab samples and fingerprints taken from surfaces, ear swab, tooth brush; Traces of sperm, bone meal

Extraction time: Lysis: approx. 120 minutes (external); InnuPure® C16 protocol: approx.. 38 – 47 minutes

Average yield: Depends on the sample material and the amount used

• Optimized for InnuPure C16 Extraction System

• Ideal for handling small forensic samples in an automized process

• Recovers even highly degraded nucleic acids

• Automized extraction of genomic DNA

• Optimal for smallest forensic or highly contaminated samples

• Successful processing of a large range of different starting materials

• Extraction of high quality DNA for immediate downstream applications

• For usage of InnuPure® C16 and up to 16 samples in parallel


Consumable Kit Type: DNA

Sample Material: Forensic

Number of Reactions: 16 Reactions

Singleplex or Multiplex Reactions?: 1 Sample

Model: innuPREP

Brand: Analytik Jena

Manufacturer SKU: 845-IPS-2416016

Unit of Measure: EA


Weight, Product: 1 lb

Weight, Shipping: 6 lb

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