• Constructed of high clarity polypropylene

• Compatible with a wide range of standard laboratory equipment

• Easy open flip-top with syringe port

• Dual graduations at every 0.2 and 0.5mL

• Certified DNase and RNase free

• Dimensions, Product: 0.65" W x 0" D x 2.17" H

• Color: Assorted Colors pack

• Quantity: 200

• Maximum Centrifugal Force: 25,000 xg

• Attached cap provides tight, leak proof seal

• Easy-to-open and close cap (with just one hand)

• Cap secures seal from -86°C to +80°C

• MacroTubes can be “boiled” for up to 10 minutes in incubated/heated application

• Syringe port in center cap with special thin “membrane”

• 16mm diameter identical to standard 15ml tubes for compatibility with centrifuge rotors

• Can replace 15ml tubes in many applications

• Short 56mm total tube length reduces contamination by allowing pipettor shaft with 1ml or 5ml tips to reach tube bottom

Options: Adapter (#C2570), Freezer Box (#C2581), CapLock Clips (#C2586) and Workstation Rack (#C2591)


Dimensions, Product: 0.65" W x 0" D x 2.17" H

Weight, Product: 1 lb

Weight, Shipping: 5 lb

Package Type: Box

Unit of Measure: EA

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