• ISO Rating: ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8
  • Wall-mounted glove dispenser provides convenient access to disposable gloves and other apparel
  • Ideal for use in medical, pharmaceutical, food service and industrial applications
  • BioSafe® design eliminates hard-to-clean cracks and crevices to simplify sterilization
  • Multi-chamber models organize different sizes and types of gloves and apparel
  • Compatible with a wide range of garbs including gloves, hair nets, shoe covers, booties, face masks
  • Terra Universal's wall-mount glove dispenser is a convenient solution to neatly organize and store gloves and other types of PPE supplies in your facility.
  • This versatile, space efficient, and cleanroom compatible dispenser eliminates clutter and helps reinforce gowning protocol by putting gloves and apparel exactly where personnel require them.
  • The gravity-fed self-dispensing design makes this dispenser ideal for high-traffic operations. Vertical slots allow staff to easily see when a refill is needed.
  • White polypropylene offers the best resistance to a wide range of corrosive acids and disinfectants. Continuous-seam welds provide a rigid construction and simplify cleaning.
  • Dispenser Design:
  • BioSafe® design with cut-away seams eliminates cracks and crevices where germs can colonize and particles aggregate, for easy and effective cleaning.
  • Bottom basin catches loose materials that slip through to prevent them from falling to the floor.
  • Clean pivot lid eliminates countless difficult to clean crevices found in conventional piano style hinges. The sloped top also helps reduce particle accumulation.
  • Covered keyhole slots make it easy to mount the glove dispenser to most walls or vertical surfaces. The inside of the slots are covered to prevent dust/particles from falling inside the dispenser. The covered mounting slots also prevent apparel from snagging on sharp nails or hooks holding the dispenser to the wall.
  • Optional Accessories:
  • Glove dispenser inserts restrict the opening to dispense small items such as finger cots or glove liners.


Type: Loose Glove Dispenser

Configuration: With Catch Basin

Dispenser Design: Wall Mount

Material: Polypropylene

Cleanliness: BioSafe®

Compartments: 3 Compartments

Width: 24"

Height: 24"

Unit of Measure: EA


Weight, Product: 38.75 Lbs

Dimensions, Product: 24"W x 8"D x 24"H

Weight, Shipping: 44.75 Lbs

Dimensions, Shipping: 35.75"W x 11.25"D x 27"H

Package Type: Box


  • Glove Dispensers
  • Wall-mount stainless steel glove dispenser filled with gloves for diabetes management 4 Section 316L Stainless Steel Glove Dispenser in an Insulin Pump Manufacturer
  • Wall-mounted 316L stainless steel glove dispenser with 4 compartments and catch basins Wall-Mounted Stainless Steel Glove Dispenser Stocked with Hairnets

Features and Benefits

Beveled Exit Slots

Smooth, rounded edges prevent snags to wipers or gloves

Cut-Away Seams

Eliminate hard-to-clean corners where bacteria and other particles can collect.

Covered Mounting Slots

Covers on the inside of the dispenser seal off keyholes to prevent contaminating dust/particles from falling inside. They also protect apparel inside the dispenser from sharp nails or hooks holding the dispenser to the wall.

Sterile-Friendly Hinge Design

Clean hinge design eliminates cracks on dirty piano-style hinges that can generate contaminating particulates and accumulate germs.

Aseptic Materials

316L stainless steel minimizes particle generation and microbial growth; stands up regular sterilization with harsh biocides, including alcohol.

High Quality White Powder-Coated Steel

White powder-coated steel provides a clean and attractive aesthetic. The glossy finish gives a spotless and well maintained appearance. It also helps spot dirty surfaces more easily.

Clean and Durable Powder Coat Finish

Terra’s signature white powder coat finish provides a high quality, durable barrier to protect against corrosion, plus a clean and attractive aesthetic. The advanced heat-fused formulation exceeds ASTM and ISO paint standards to resist chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing.

BioSafe®: Terra's Ultimate Cleanliness Rating

Terra's BioSafe products are designed for the most critical applications: no gaps and crevices where microbes colonize, rounded corners for easy disinfection, won't produce contaminants during sterilization, and exceeds cGMP, IEST, ASTM and ISO 14644-1 requirements.

Long-Term Customers

Terra is committed to building long-term relationships with satisfied clients; 94% of orders each year come from repeat customers

Continuous Product Improvement

At Terra, we strive to develop and produce the highest quality products for our customers to improve health, safety, performance, and yields. Our product quality is enabled by high-grade manufacturing equipment and processes, 45 years of engineering and application expertise, and our commitment to continuously improve.

Products Compliant With Your ISO Rating

Provide Terra with your desired ISO rating. We will tailor the product to meet your rating and certify it with the serial numbers appended to your invoice, to be included in your compliance package.
Popular Accessories
For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Electropolish Finish

    Electropolishing increases corrosion resistance and improves ease of cleaning with a smooth, reflective, mirror-like finish.
  • Glove Dispenser Inserts

    Inserts keep small items secure within wall-mounted dispenser
  • Convenient Mounting Systems

    Versatile designs that allow installation on Terra work benches, gowning benches, or waste receptacles
  • Glove Dispenser Mounting Frame for Workstation

    Allows convenient mounting of 1-compartment Glove Dispenser on specified Terra workstation
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