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120 VGeneral ProtocolStainless Steel250°C3.7 cu. ft.GravityHeratherm51028872 $2,3645-7 Days Stocked
120 VGeneral ProtocolStainless Steel250°C6.2 cu. ft.GravityHeratherm51028874 $2,83710-20 Days
120 VGeneral ProtocolStainless Steel250°C2.3 cu. ft.MechanicalHeratherm51028121 $2,3855-7 Days Stocked
120 VGeneral ProtocolStainless Steel250°C3.6 cu. ft.MechanicalHeratherm51028873 $2,84110-20 Days
120 VGeneral ProtocolStainless Steel250°C6.3 cu. ft.MechanicalHeratherm51028875 $3,31110-20 Days
240 VGeneral ProtocolStainless Steel250°C3.7 cu. ft.GravityHeratherm51028113 $2,36415-21 Days
240 VGeneral ProtocolStainless Steel250°C6.2 cu. ft.GravityHeratherm51028114 $2,83710-20 Days
208/240 V, US PlugGeneral ProtocolCoated Steel300°C14.8 cu. ft.GravityHeratherm51029327 $5,31210-20 Days
208/240 V, US PlugGeneral ProtocolCoated Steel300°C27.3 cu. ft.GravityHeratherm51029339 $7,30415-21 Days
240 VGeneral ProtocolStainless Steel250°C3.7 cu. ft.MechanicalHeratherm51028122 $2,84110-20 Days
240 VGeneral ProtocolStainless Steel250°C6.3 cu. ft.MechanicalHeratherm51028123 $3,31110-20 Days


  • Ideal for routine heating and drying applications in research, clinical or industrial laboratory environments, energy efficient
  • Heratherm General Protocol Ovens are available in Gravity
  • Convection and Mechanical Convection models in benchtop and large capacity sizes.
  • Low energy usage, compact footprint to volume ratio and stackable (benchtop) with built-in timer
  • Doors can be opened over 180° for easy access and cleaning
  • Microprocessor control with vacuum fluorescent display
  • Chamber made with corrosion resistant stainless steel


  • Heratherm General Protocol Gravity or Convection Oven in 3 sizes Heratherm General Protocol Ovens

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Popular Accessories
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  • Additional Wire Mesh Shelf

    Stainless steel shelf for Heratherm large capacity ovens. Load weight is 400lbs; purchase individually.
  • Support Stands with Casters

    Optional casters for Heratherm Oven provides mobility to an otherwise large oven
  • Stacking Kits for Heratherm Ovens

    Available stacking kits for Thermo Fisher Heratherm Ovens to reduce space consumption.
  • Fresh Air Filter

    Fresh air particle filter for connection to the fresh air vent (intake) for all Heratherm Ovens
  • Shelving for Gravity and Mechanical Convection Ovens

    Heratherm General Protocol Ovens provide optional shelf accessories in wire, perforated or reinforced steel shelves.
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