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Voltage Type Material Maximum Temperature Capacity Convection Type Model Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
120 VVacuumStainless Steel280°C0.65 cu. ft.VacuumSquaroid Duo-Vac3625A $8,44920-22 Days
240 VVacuumStainless Steel280°C0.65 cu. ft.VacuumSquaroid Duo-Vac3625A-1 $8,64620-22 Days
240 VVacuumStainless Steel280°C1.5 cu. ft.VacuumSquaroid Duo-Vac3628A-1 $8,84220-22 Days


  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Hi-Temp Vacuum Ovens are available in two capacity sizes
  • Satisfy many lab applications dealing with low-volume high-temperature vacuum heating applications and storage
  • Models have a maximum temperature of up to 280°C
  • Built-in safety features and overtemperature protection
  • Radiant warm-wall heaters located outside of the oven chamber maximize working space
  • Provide uniform heating and cooling and eliminate the hazards associated with open-wire heaters
  • Available in 0.65 and 1.5 cu. ft. capacities
  • Temperature range: Ambient +10°C / 50°C to 280°C
  • Radiant warm-wall heating located outside of unit prevents hazards of open wire heaters and maximize chamber space
  • Applications: desiccation, vacuum embedding, plating, process control and inert atmosphere
  • Includes two adjustable chrome-plated shelves


  • Oven, Vacuum; 120 VAC, 0.65 CF Oven, Vacuum; 120 VAC, 0.65 CF
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