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Voltage Type Air Flow Final Filter Type Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
120 VWheeled Trolley77ULPA17142008 $2,37312-18 Days
220 VWheeled Trolley72ULPAL01798080 $2,25912-18 Days


  • Stainless steel cleanroom vacuum cleaner is designed for ISO 4-8 cleanroom environments
  • Vacuum cleaner parts and accessories are autoclavable
  • The multi-stage filtration system features an ULPA filter: 99.999% efficient with particles down to 0.12 microns
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight (less than 20 lbs) vacuum is easy to use and store
  • Wheeled trolley is included and ideal for trouble-free portability
  • Optional HEPA-filtered Safe-Pak system is used for safe containment and disposal of hazardous debris
  • Extra quiet, 61dB/A at 5 feet (1524 mm); vacuum doesn't disturb regular cleanroom operations
  • Modular construction makes it easy to clean and service
  • Single-phase motor equipped with a thermal protection to prevent overheating; interference-suppressed for optimal performance
  • Designed for intermittent duty
  • AISI 316 stainless steel construction, standard in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Locking clamps ensure air-tight seals
  • Optional accessory kits are available: standard, ESD-controlled, or autoclavable
  • OSHA and UL compliant

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Popular Accessories
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  • Nilfisk Compact Cleanroom Vacuum Standard Accessory Kit

    Standard, ESD controlled, or autoclavable accessory kits are available. Select the accessory kit that best fits your requirements. Accessory kits are not included with the vacuum.
  • Nilfisk Disposable Vacuum Paper Bags

    Just slide the plastic collar over the intake opening and the Nilfist vacuum cleaner bag is installed. When full, the bag slides back off for clean easy disposal. Capacity: 2.25 gallons (9.9 liters).
  • Nilfisk Vacuum Replacement Safe-Pak HEPA-Filtered Collection Container

    Safely dispose of biohazards or toxic debris with Nilfisk’s Safe-Pak. Sturdy ABS plastic with built-in HEPA filter contains waste and prevents contamination.
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