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Door Swing Refrigerator Temperature RangePriceUsually Ships inStocked
Double-Swing+2°C to +10°C $6,66410-16 Days
Double-Swing+2°C to 10°C $6,03610-16 Days
Right Hinge+2°C to +10°C $4,48410-16 Days
Right Hinge+2°C to +10°C $4,75510-16 Days
Right Hinge+2°C to +10°C $4,87310-16 Days
Right Hinge+2°C to +10°C $3,85710-16 Days
Right Hinge+2°C to +10°C $5,44510-16 Days
Right Hinge+2°C to +10°C $5,76610-16 Days
Double-Swing+2°C to +10°C $7,34210-16 Days
Double-Swing+2°C to +10°C $7,78910-16 Days


  • Upright i.Series and Horizon Series refrigerators with OptiCool Technology
  • Models include ventilated, adjustable powder-coated shelves and four casters
  • Factory temperature setpoint at 4°C
  • Energy-efficient models reduce energy consumption up to 50-65%
  • Temperature Range: +2º to +10ºC 4ºC
  • i.Series models feature advanced monitoring with the i.C3 touchscreen interface for product protection
  • Horizon models feature an interface with LED door-mounted digital microprocessor and an integrated alarm/monitor
  • Door Style: Glass
  • OptiCool™ cooling technology provides optimized temperature, noise reduction and energy control
  • Quiet operation and optimized performance ideal for storing patient samples reagents and controls
  • Ideal for use in healthcare and other professional clinical environments
  • Sound Level: from 42 to 52 dB
  • Ideal for use in hospitals and healthcare environments
  • Quality construction meets and/or exceeds medical and scientific industry standards
  • Refrigerants: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Policy) compliant
  • Audible and visual alarms: power failure, high and low temperature, door ajar, low batter and condenser temperature
  • Options: integrated electromagnetic access control, solid ballast simulator, interior LED light, swivel locking casters, additional ventilated shelves and drawers, solid stainless-steel drawers, locking drawers and solid door
  • Rear access port

Features and Benefits

Ventilated Shelves and Drawers

GX Series Refrigerators include adjustable ventilated powder-coated shelves or drawers ideal for storing clinical samples and reagents

OptiCool Technology

GX i.Series and Horizon Refrigerators with OptiCool deliver a quiet and energy-efficient unit with optimal temperature control

Advanced i.C3 User Interface

GX i.Series models feature the i.C3 user interface that provides constant temperature monitoring, security and data management
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