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240 VNo0.006 mbar305 L/min $3,4415-7 Days Stocked
240 VNo0.07 mbar158 L/min $2,9135-7 Days Stocked
115 VNo0.006 mbar363 L/min $3,4335-7 Days Stocked
115 VNo0.006 mbar519 L/min $4,5235-7 Days Stocked
115 VNo0.003 mbar51 L/min $2,1225-7 Days Stocked
115 VNo0.07 mbar118 L/min $2,6645-7 Days Stocked
115 VNo0.07 mbar78 L/min $2,4315-7 Days Stocked
120 VNo0.002 mbar193 L/min $2,51720-26 Days
460 VNo0.003 mbar533/600 L/min $5,58120-26 Days
135 VNo0.01 mbar150/175 L/min $2,5171-3 Days Stocked
132 V0.01 mbar $3,48620-26 Days
132 V0.01 mbar $4,13320-26 Days
132 VNo0.0001 mbar107 L/min $2,52820-30 Days
460 VNo0.004 mbar1917/2250 L/min $16,37520-26 Days


• Reliable dry pumps for inert gas pumping applications in labs and cleanrooms

• Peak pumping speed: 22 CFM (37.38 m^3/hr)

• Universal single-phase power featuring multi-stage Roots-type pumping concept

• Frictionless, oil-free design features non-wearing parts resulting in no particulate contamination

• Rotation and pumping speeds remain constant regardless of voltage and frequency

• Digital timer tracks operational hours for scheduled maintenance

• Easily integrate into any application

• Designed for non-corrosive applications with analytical instruments, R&D and industrial

• No hydrocarbon back-streaming due to lubricant-free pumping module

• Complete overhauls due only every 20,000 hours, keeping maintenance costs low

• Remote control works through the Sub-D connector

• Air cooled; no water required

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