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Design Material Capacity Door Style Shelves Color Code Model Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
Benchtop CabinetDouble-Walled Steel30 galManual Double Door1 ShelfBlueSure-Grip Ex893002 $1,1458-12 Days
Floor CabinetDouble-Walled Steel45 galManual Double Door2 ShelvesBlueSure-Grip Ex894502 $1,4928-12 Days
Floor CabinetDouble-Walled Steel45 galSelf-Closing Double Door2 ShelvesBlueSure-Grip Ex894522 $1,7158-12 Days
Undercounter CabinetDouble-Walled Steel22 galManual Double Door1 ShelfBlueSure-Grip Ex892302 $1,1288-12 Days


  • Feature steel with a two-part enamel coating approved for use with common acids, caustics, and alkaline, such as hydrochloric acid 37%, sulfuric acid 33%, and sodium hydroxide.
  • This surface will not allow absorption that could cause subsequent problems.
  • 22-gallon (83.28-liter) model is an Under-the-counter Cabinet, with polypropylene-lined bottom and top, and a .75-inch (19 mm) tray top, which can completely contain a 5-pint (2.37-liter) spill
  • 30- and 45-gallon (114- and 170-liter) floor-mounted models feature corrosive-resistant polyethylene spill-containment trays on the bottom and on the shelves

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