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Consumable Kit Type Sample Material Number of Reactions Singleplex or Multiplex Reactions? Model Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
RNABacteria/Fungi50 Reactions1 SampleinnuSPEED845-KS-2510010 $1045-7 Days Stocked
RNABacteria/Fungi100 Reactions1 SampleinnuSPEED845-KS-2510050 $4145-7 Days Stocked
RNABacteria/Fungi250 Reactions1 SampleinnuSPEED845-KS-2510250 $1,7775-7 Days Stocked
RNAPlant10 Reactions1 SampleinnuSPEED845-KS-2560010 $995-7 Days Stocked
RNAPlant50 Reactions1 SampleinnuSPEED845-KS-2560050 $3925-7 Days Stocked
RNAPlant250 Reactions1 SampleinnuSPEED845-KS-2560250 $1,6845-7 Days Stocked
RNATissue10 Reactions1 SampleinnuSPEED845-KS-2540010 $1025-7 Days Stocked
RNATissue50 Reactions1 SampleinnuSPEED845-KS-2540050 $4335-7 Days Stocked
RNATissue250 Reactions1 SampleinnuSPEED845-KS-2540250 $1,6535-7 Days Stocked


  • innuSPEED RNA Isolation Kits by Analytik Jena are compatible with homogenizers and optimized for SpeedMill PLUS
  • Improves extraction without the use of toxic ?-mercaptoethanol
  • Kits contain all of the required reagents and consumables
  • Includes optimized Lysis Tubes with application-specific beads
  • Choose the innuSPEED RNA Isolation Kit for your application: Tissue RNA Kit, Plant RNA Kit or Bacteria/Fungi RNA Kit
  • Extracted RNA produces high yields and high RIN values of up to 9.8
  • Isolated RNA used for downstream RT-PCR, library building, NextGen Sequencing, and cDNA synthesis
  • Lysis efficiency during subsequent nucleic acid extraction increased when used with the SpeedMill PLUS
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