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Open-Grid ShelvingPolymerOpen-grid60"24"67"Swivel/Brake4PolyurethaneX566EGX3 $1,1104-6 Days Stocked
Open-Grid ShelvingPolymerOpen-grid36"18"67"Swivel/Brake4X336BGX3 $7144-6 Days Stocked
Open-Grid ShelvingPolymerOpen-grid36"18"67"Swivel/Brake4X336EGX3 $7684-6 Days Stocked
Open-Grid ShelvingPolymerOpen-grid48"18"67"Swivel/Brake4X356BGX3 $8044-6 Days Stocked
Open-Grid ShelvingPolymerOpen-grid48"18"67"Swivel/Brake4X356EGX3 $8584-6 Days Stocked
Open-Grid ShelvingPolymerOpen-grid60"18"67"Swivel/Brake4X366BGX3 $9084-6 Days Stocked
Open-Grid ShelvingPolymerOpen-grid60"18"67"Swivel/Brake4X366EGX3 $9624-6 Days Stocked
Open-Grid ShelvingPolymerOpen-grid36"24"67"Swivel/Brake4X536BGX3 $8084-6 Days Stocked
Open-Grid ShelvingPolymerOpen-grid36"24"67"Swivel/Brake4X536EGX3 $8624-6 Days Stocked
Open-Grid ShelvingPolymerOpen-grid48"24"67"Swivel/Brake4X556BGX3 $9344-6 Days Stocked
Open-Grid ShelvingPolymerOpen-grid48"24"67"Swivel/Brake4X556EGX3 $9884-6 Days Stocked
Open-Grid ShelvingPolymerOpen-grid60"24"67"Swivel/Brake4X566BGX3 $1,0564-6 Days Stocked
Solid ShelvingPolymerSolid36"18"67"Swivel/Brake4X336EFX3 $8284-6 Days Stocked
Solid ShelvingPolymerSolid48"18"67"Swivel/Brake4X356EFX3 $9324-6 Days Stocked
Solid ShelvingPolymerSolid60"18"67"Swivel/Brake4X366EFX3 $1,0504-6 Days Stocked
Solid ShelvingPolymerSolid36"24"67"Swivel/Brake4X536EFX3 $9384-6 Days Stocked
Solid ShelvingPolymerSolid48"24"67"Swivel/Brake4X556EFX3 $1,0784-6 Days Stocked
Solid ShelvingPolymerSolid60"24"67"Swivel/Brake4X566EFX3 $1,2084-6 Days Stocked


  • Antimicrobial and corrosion proof shelves and posts; removable polymer mats
  • Smooth and rounded frames and posts
  • 2-Swivel and 2-Brake casters
  • Consist of 4 shelves; open grid and solid shelf units available
  • Choice of resilient rubber or polyurethane casters

Features and Benefits

MetroMax Polymer Stem Casters

Antimicrobial and corrosion resistant polymer swivel stem caster with bumper recommended for MetroMax i Glassware Carts; 300 lbs. load rating.

Easy-to-Clean Shelves

MetroMax iQ carts have removable shelves that are easy to clean by hand or can be placed in a washer.

Free Shipping on Metro Orders

Terra offers free ground freight to the lower 48 states on qualifying Metro orders. Talk to your Terra sales specialist for details.
Popular Accessories
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  • MetroMax iQ Shelving Foot Plate

    Zinc footplate allows MetroMax iQ shelving systems to be safely bolted to the floor
  • MetroMax iQ Shelving Post Clamp

    Joins two MetroMax shelving systems together
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