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Voltage Type Controls Capacity Temperature Range Model Over-Temperature Protection RS-232 Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
208/240 VBoxMulti Program0.9 cu. ft.100° - 1,700°CLindberg/Blue MYesNoBF51664PBC-1 $39,96445-54 Days
208/240 V, US PlugBoxMulti Program0.6 cu. ft.100° - 1,700°CLindberg/Blue MYesYesBF51634PBC-1 $31,24460-72 Days
208/240 V, US PlugBoxMulti Program/RS2320.6 cu. ft.100° - 1,700°CLindberg/Blue MYesYesBF51634PBCOMC-1 $32,47745-54 Days


  • Three controller modes: Single set-point, programmable (multi-segment/multi-program), programmable with RS485 communications port (multi-segment/multi-program, software sold separately)
  • Molybdenum di-silicide heating elements require minimal maintenance and are easy to replace
  • Increased resistance to thermal shock, ideal for rapid cycling over long time periods
  • Moldatherm high-temperature ceramic fiber insulation and hearth plate protects chamber from spills and provides structural support for loads
  • Integrated cooling fans keep the exterior surface at a safe temperature
  • Applications: Composite and high-temperature research, powder metallurgy, precious and exotic metals treatment
  • Programmable models can store up to 30 programs and up to 99 segments per program (ramp/dwell)
  • Optional digital Over-Temperature Control (OTC) system overrides the main controller in the event of primary control circuit failure
  • Heating elements shut off when door opens
  • PID controller prevents overshooting the set-point
  • Max Temperature: 1700°C
  • 0.375in inlet port for air or inert gas
  • Requires hardwiring (power cord not included)


  • Lindberg/Blue M™ 1700°C Furnaces by Thermo Fisher Scientific Lindberg/Blue M 1700°C Furnace by Thermo Fisher Scientific
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