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Voltage Type Tank Capacity Temperature Range Power Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
230 VRecirculating Cooler60 L-20 to 130°C1200W9500050.P3H0 $25,68612-18 Days
230 VRecirculating Cooler60 L-20 to 130°C1700W9500051.P3H0 $28,00612-18 Days
230 VRecirculating Cooler60 L-20 to 130°C2500W9500101.P3H0 $32,77012-18 Days
230 VRecirculating Cooler33 L-20 to 80°C250W9500025.P3HO $20,56812-18 Days
230 VRecirculating Cooler33 L-20 to 80°C250W9500026.P3H0 $23,36212-18 Days


  • High performance model designed for semiconductor applications
  • Controls the temperature of fluids within the bath tank
  • Pump connections allow circulation through an external system
  • Conventional compressor system provides cooling capacity ranging from 2,500W to 10,000W
  • Base model working temperature ranges from +5°C to +35°C
  • Choose between air-cooled and water-cooled versions (only water-cooling on 10,000W)
  • Alarm automatically sounds when liquid levels run low
  • PID temperature control provides system responsiveness to sudden changes, improving stability
  • 3-point calibration offers greater accuracy
  • Fully programmable, capable of performing 10 time-temperature steps
  • Standby mode initiated when the built-in countdown timer ends
  • User-defined Hi/Lo temperature limits can trigger the Auto-Off function for additional safety
  • Membrane keypad and digital display make for easy operation
  • Compatible with Class III flammable liquids
  • Includes casters for portability
  • Available accessories include the VFD Comfort display, temperature range modifications, stronger pumps, heater conversions, additional analog connections, and various filter cartridges
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