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Voltage Type Controls Capacity Temperature Range Model Over-Temperature Protection RS-232 Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
240 VMuffleMulti Program1.6 cu. ft.100° - 1,093°CThermolyneYesYesF30430CM $10,63145-54 Days
240 VMuffleMulti Program/RS2321.6 cu. ft.100° - 1,093°CThermolyneYesYesF30438CM $10,63145-54 Days
240 VMuffleMulti Program/RS2321.6 cu. ft.100° - 1,093°CThermolyneYesYesF30430CM-33 $10,63145-54 Days
240 VMuffleSetpoint1.6 cu. ft.100° - 1,093°CThermolyneYesNoF30420C $9,01345-54 Days
240 VMuffleSetpoint1.6 cu. ft.100° - 1,093°CThermolyneYesNoF30420C-33 $9,01345-54 Days
240 VMuffleSingle Program1.6 cu. ft.100° - 1,093°CThermolyneYesNoF30420C-33-80 $9,73345-54 Days
208 VMuffleSetpoint1.6 cu. ft.100° - 1,093°CThermolyneYesNoF30428C $8,80445-54 Days
208 VMuffleSingle Program1.6 cu. ft.100° - 1,093°CThermolyneYesNoF30428C-80 $9,87645-54 Days


  • Three types of temperature control available: B1 single set-point with single ramp to set point and dwell; C1 programmable (single program of 8 segments); D1 programmable (4 programs of 16 segments and RS232 port)
  • Includes two refractory shelves that triple the inner working space
  • Mechanical over-temperature protection (built-in)
  • Enhanced temperature uniformity with heating elements on chamber top, bottom and sides
  • Vent port removes contaminants and moisture for longer operating life
  • LED displays both set point and actual furnace temperature in °C or °F
  • Safety features include open thermocouple protection and user-selectable over-temperature protection
  • Applications: annealing, ashing, catalysts, volatiles
  • 0.38"-diameter port in rear chamber for temperature probes
  • Capacity: 45L (1.6 cu. ft.)
  • Interior Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 14"
  • Temperature Range: 100° to 1093°C
  • Temperature Stability/Uniformity: ±1.2°C at 1000°C/±3.45°C
  • 35A circuit breaker protects critical electronic components and heating elements
  • Door safety switch turns heater off when door opens
  • Available accessories include hearth tray, extra shelves and exhaust tubing kits
  • Requires hard-wiring (no power cord)


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