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N/AFree StandingAluminum27 days3 LNoXT Series3XTLB-5SGeneral Storage $92610-15 Days
N/AFree StandingAluminum80 days8 LNoXT Series8XTLB-5SGeneral Storage $1,05510-15 Days
150Free StandingAluminum100 days10 LNoXT Series10XTB-11MGeneral Storage $94910-15 Days
150Free StandingAluminum230 days20.7 LOptionalXT Series20XTB-11MGeneral Storage $1,13710-15 Days
150Free StandingAluminum340 days34 LOptionalXT Series34XTB-11MGeneral Storage $1,47710-15 Days
N/AAluminum1.5 LAIS-1.5Animal Husbandry $64710-20 Days
N/AAluminum3.5 LNoAnimal Husbandry $79810-20 Days
210Aluminum21 LOptionalXT21-AI-5SAnimal Husbandry $1,44510-20 Days
210Aluminum21 LOptionalXT21-AI-5SAnimal Husbandry $1,44510-20 Days
288Aluminum24 LOptionalAI24-11MAnimal Husbandry $1,34510-20 Days
N/AAluminum24 LOptionalAI24-5SAnimal Husbandry $1,34510-20 Days


  • TW XT and AI Series Extended-Time Small Freezers for general and animal husbandry storage applications
  • AI models for artificial insemination applications protect samples from adverse temperature fluctuations
  • AI Shield on models AIS1.5 and AIS3 protects frozen bull semen, improves viability and increases conception rates
  • XT and AI models offer superior insulation and vacuum performance for maximum holding times
  • Optional accessories: spare canister, spare necktube core, roller base, and CRYO-SENTRY alarm
  • Features a rugged high-strength aluminum body magneformed necktube, durable paint and lockable lid (select models)
  • Select models include 5” or 11” canisters
  • XT and AI Series formerly by Worthington Industries (Taylor Wharton)
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Features & Benefits

AI Shield

AIS1.5 and AIS3 models with the AI Shield provides thermal stability and protect frozen bull semen from adverse temperature fluctuations during retrieval

Durable Design

21XT AI IC Biomedical Cryogenic Freezers are designed with a high-strength ribbed aluminum body and the tapered spider enables easy canister insertion and removal
Popular Accessories
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  • Cryo-Sentry Level Alarm

    The Cryo-Sentry Level Alarm allows facility personnel to monitor liquid nitrogen levels, with optional remote monitoring capability.
  • Roller Base

    The ball-bearing swivel-casters on each roller base make relocating your cryogenic vessels safe and convenient.
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