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Voltage Configuration Maximum Speed Speed Range Plug Type Manufacturer SKU PriceUsually Ships inStocked
120 V Rotator 40 rpm Variable US Plug R5010 $8595-7 Days Stocked
240 V Rotator 40 rpm Variable US Plug R5010-E $8595-7 Days Stocked


• Spins a variety of samples such as blood samples and homogenous dispersion

• Features a unique alternating-reverse mode for the most vigorous mixing applications

• Able to set a timer for mixing the samples

• Includes three rotisserie tube holders to accommodate tubes up to 50mL

• Rubber-coated steel tube holders ensure secure grip on tubes during mixing

• Speed control provides gentle to vigorous mixing from 1 to 40 rpm

• Adjustable tilt control offers a range of angles from 0 to 90°

• Programmable timed operation from 1 second to 9 hours

• Safely operates at temperatures from 4° to 60°C (39.2° to 140°F)

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