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Voltage Type Controls Capacity Temperature Range Model Over-Temperature Protection RS-232 Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
240 VAshingMulti Program1.6 cu. ft.100° - 975°CThermolyneNoNoF30430CM-60 $11,70645-54 Days
240 VAshingMulti Program1.6 cu. ft.100° - 975°CThermolyneNoNoF30430CM-33-60 $11,58745-54 Days
240 VAshingMulti Program0.5 cu. ft.100° - 975°CThermolyneNoNoF6030CM-33-60 $8,98245-54 Days
240 VAshingSetpoint0.5 cu. ft.100° - 975°CThermolyneYesNoF6020C-33-60 $7,01145-54 Days
240 VAshingSingle Program1.6 cu. ft.100° - 975°CThermolyneNoNoF30420C-60-80 $11,30045-54 Days
240 VAshingSingle Program0.5 cu. ft.100° - 975°CThermolyneNoNoF6020C-33-60-80 $7,89945-54 Days
208 VAshingMulti Program1.6 cu. ft.100° - 975°CThermolyneNoNoF30438CM-60 $11,57645-54 Days
208 VAshingSetpoint0.5 cu. ft.100° - 975°CThermolyneNoNoF6028C-60 $7,21545-54 Days
208 VAshingSingle Program1.6 cu. ft.100° - 975°CThermolyneNoNoF30428C-60-80 $10,72645-54 Days
208 VAshingSingle Program0.5 cu. ft.100° - 975°CThermolyneNoNoF6028C-60-80 $7,84245-54 Days


  • Adjustable gas flowmeter/valve (0-80L/min.) on front for easy access when adjusting the airflow rate
  • Stainless-steel manifold at rear chamber prewarms incoming gases, provides a maximum temperature gradient of only ±3°C at 750°C
  • Chamber rear has a 0.95cm (0.38in.) port for monitoring chamber temperatures with independent measuring devices
  • With 0.64cm (0.25in.) I.D. or 0.96cm (0.375in.) O.D. hose barb (in chamber rear) for inert gas line
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