• Strips use aluminum housing, covered with a clear, cleanable polycarbonate shield
  • Strips are mounted to ceiling grid with screws; no obstruction of laminar air flow
  • Best for work environments where very bright illumination is needed
  • LED lighting produces about 15% of the heat that fluorescent does
  • Cooler bulbs are more energy-efficient
  • Bulb life: 50,000 hours of constant use
  • Lumens produced from 16': 9800
  • Color: 6000K (super bright white)
  • Working relative humidity range: 30-85%
  • Each LED Power Distribution Module (PDM) (Ordered separately) provides power for up to 25 feet of LED strip lights
  • RoHS certified
  • Requires Terra sign-off of customer-furnished drawing specifying configuration:
  • 1. LED strip length(s) and power connection(s) and power source (120V, 60Hz or 220V, 60Hz)
  • 2. How LED sections connect (Daisy chained to each other by cable, connected directly to form a larger section or directly to PDM by cable),
  • 3. Cable lengths
  • 4. Connection type (stand-alone use, or for connection to Terra Cleanroom)
  • 5. Required power Supply (120V/60Hz or 220V/60Hz)


Type: Light Fixture

Lighting: LED

Unit of Measure: FT


Electrical Specifications: PWR SUPLY, 0.27 A, 7.69 W, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions, Product: 1" W x 12" D x 0.5" H

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