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Voltage Gel Type Gel Dimensions Buffer Capacity Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
20/150 VAgarose90 x 110 mm800 mLB1 $4540-10 Days
20/150 VAgarose90 x 110 mm800 mLB1-BP $5110-10 Days


• Horizontal mini-gel box casting system ideal for students and high-volume researchers

• B1-BP model with buffer exchange ports for use with external recirculation pump

• Includes two double-sided 10/14 well combs: 1.0mm and 1.5mm thickness

• Doubles sample capacity with two comb slots on the UV Transmissible (UVT) gel tray

• Silk screened UVT gel trays with a florescent ruler

Horizontal electrophoresis system includes: Buffer chamber, two 10 & 14 well 1.0/1.5mm thick, double sided combs, Super Safe™ Lid with attached Power Supply leads (2), Gasketed UV Transmissible (UVT) Gel Tray

• Buffer capacity: 600 ml

• Gel size: 9 x 11 cm

• Available in orange or green

• Time Requirements: 45-90 minutes

• Meets IEC 1010-1 safety standards


• Replacement Gaskets (1 pair) B1-GK

• External Caster (trays not included) B1-CST

• Leveling Platform (36cmW x 46cmL) B-LP

• Bubble Level BBL-1

Features and Benefits

Two-Comb Horizontal Electrophoresis

Included two double sided 10/14 well combs doubles sample well capacity

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