• Heat distribution system combines six sided heating with a low speed internal fan for precise temperature and CO2 control

• Uniform air circulation throughout the chamber protects environment with minimal temperature fluctuations within 0.1°C

• Cell cultures can be monitored through large external display monitor or remotely with WiFi enabled device

• Seamless stainless steel chamber features rounded corners for easy cleaning

Model H3565-180 (180 liter capacity) with three shelves

Dual Beam IR Sensor: InfraRed CO2 sensor provides accurate measurements and control over the CO2 density

IncuView™ LCI (live cell imaging): first of its kind technology uses an internal microscope to connect wirelessly to large external integrated display for real-time cell viewing; cells can also be monitored remotely through WiFi enabled device.

• Cell viewing requires optional IncuView Integrated Microscope shelf (sold separately).

• Advance monitoring and control for temperature and CO2 percentage, with alarm alert feature in the event of deviation.

• Chamber Dimensions: 18.7" W x 20.8" D x 28" H (47.3 x 52.8 x 71 cm)

• Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1°C

• Temperature Uniformity: ± 0.4°C

• Temperature Stability: 0.1°C

• Temperature Increments: 0.1°C

• CO2 Range:0 to 20%

• CO2 Increment: 0.1%

• CO2 Accuracy: ± 0.1%


Temperature Range: Ambient +5°C to 60°C

Type: CO2

Manufactured by: Benchmark Scientific

Model: SureTherm

Capacity: 6.35 cu. ft.

Convection Type: Direct Heat

Sensor Type: Dual beam IR CO2

Manufacturer SKU: H3565-180

Interior Material: Stainless Steel

Maximum Temperature: 60°C

Capacity Range: 6 to 12 cubic feet

Unit of Measure: EA


Electrical Specifications: 120/240 V, 420 W, 50/60 Hz

Weight, Product: 172 lb

Dimensions, Product: 22" W x 26.2" D x 37.2" H

  • SureTherm CO2 Incubators by Benchmark Scientific SureTherm CO2 Incubators by Benchmark Scientific

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  • Stainless Steel Incubator Shelf
    Additional shelf for 45 liter and 180 liter SureTherm CO2 incubators.
  • SureTherm Incubators Stacking Kits
    Stacking Kits available for both 45 liter and 180 liter incubators.
  • H2300 Regulator by Benchmark Scientific
    Optional regulators, required for connecting CO2 or O2 source
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