• Includes requisite flex-duct, a FFU flange adapter, band clamps, plus labor to design, connect and test
  • Use with Terra Universal Filter Fan Units and Cleanrooms
  • One required per FFU, connected to A/C or Vertical Air Return unit



Electrical Specifications: None

Weight, Shipping: 25 lb

Cleanroom Accessories & Components

  • Automatic Sliding Cleanroom Double Door Automatic Sliding Cleanroom Door
  • Cleanroom control panel with digital differential pressure gauges Cleanroom Control Panel
  • Modular Cleanroom Showing Air Conditioning and RH Control Ducting Modular Cleanroom with A/C and RH Control
  • Cleanroom LED Light Panel Cleanroom LED Light Panel
  • High Velocity Cleanroom Air Curtain Versatile Mounting Locations
  • BioSafe frameless and flush mount cleanroom window BioSafe Frameless Single Tempered-Glass Window
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