Designed in the USA

• Hinged top opens for easy stocking

• These wall mounted dispensers are suitable for storing and dispensing gloves, hairnets, face masks, shoe covers

• Rounded openings allow for snag-free pull-out

• Includes keyhole cut-out for wall mounting; due to variations in wall construction and mounting codes, fasteners are not included.


Type: Loose Glove Dispenser

Configuration: With Catch Basin

Design: Wall Mount

Compartments: 2 Compartments

Cleanliness: Aseptic Cleanroom

Electrical Specifications: None

Dimensions, Product: 16"W x 8"D x 24"H

Weight, Product: 14 Lbs

Dimensions, Shipping: 21.5" W x 30.25" D x 15" H

Weight, Shipping: 51 Lbs

Package Type: Box

Unit of Measure: EA

Features and Benefits

Beveled Exit Slots

Smooth, rounded edges prevent snags to wipers or gloves

Cut-Away Seams

Eliminate hard-to-clean corners where bacteria and other particles can collect.

Covered Mounting Slots

Seals off wall mount keyholes to prevent dust/particles from falling inside dispenser.

Clean Hinge Design

Eliminates cracks created by piano-style hinges that are hard to clean and accumulate germs and other contaminants

Aseptic Materials

316L stainless steel minimizes particle generation and microbial growth; stands up regular sterilization with harsh biocides, including alcohol.

Popular Accessories

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  • Glove Dispenser Mounting Frame for Workstation
    Allows convenient mounting of 1-compartment Glove Dispenser on specified Terra workstation
  • Glove Dispenser Inserts
    Inserts keep small items secure within wall-mounted dispenser
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