• Provides steady flow of inert gas to achieve relative humidity at a faster rate

• Option to use with regular desiccants by closing stopcocks

• Interchangeable and stackable up to 3 units with interlocking ridges and built-in carrying handles

• Large doors maximize access, and allow placement for tamper-evident seal or small padlocks

• Perforated shelves aid dry air circulation for a dust free environment

• Material: Durastar(R) copolyester plastic material blocks 99% of UV light from penetrating interior of cabinet, resists stains, chemicals and fine cracks

• Holds: 40 (12 oz. Soda cans)

• Internal Volume: 1.17 cu. Ft.

• Includes: 2 perforated removable shelves

• Amber color reduces visible light penetration by 50%

• 2 gas ports (1 inlet—1 outlet)

• Easy to see door- mounted hygrometer dial Portable with compact footprint ideal for limited spaces


Chamber Material: Copolyester Amber

Chamber Dimensions: 12.5"W x 15.5"D x 11.5"H

Opening Dimensions: 8.9"W x 8.4"D

Number of Chambers: 1 Chamber

Weight, Product: 12 lb

Weight, Shipping: 17 lb

Dimensions, Product: 13.4" W x 16.3" D x 12.4" H

Dimensions, Shipping: 19.4" W x 16.3" D x 18.4" H

Package Type: Box

Unit of Measure: EA

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