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Voltage Type Maximum Temperature Tank Capacity Maximum Speed Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
120 VShaker65°C8 L500 rpmSHKE7000 $9,12710-20 Days
240 VShaker65°C8 L500 rpmSHKE7000-1CE $8,92410-20 Days


  • Precise temperature control and orbital shaking in a single instrument
  • Incubation from (Ambient + 5°C) up to 90°C when covered
  • Triple eccentric orbital drive for smooth shaking at speeds from 15 to 500 rpm
  • Durable design for heavy-duty, continuous use; ideal for cell culturing
  • Brushless DC motor for maintenance-free shaking
  • PID temperature control for accuracy within ±0.2°C at 37°C
  • Stainless steel bath tank can hold large gel trays; baffles minimize splashing
  • Front-access, quick-disconnect drain for fluid changes and cleaning
  • Three separate displays for showing time, temperature and shaking speed
  • Safety alerts for low water levels and significant temperature deviations
  • Automatic shaker shutoff for wide speed variation or unbalanced loads
  • Smooth-start shaking prevents spills and splashing
  • Independent over-temperature safety thermostat provides a backup high-temperature limit if the others fail
  • Built-in timer counts down in minutes or hours (or runs continuously)
  • Temperature and speed calibration can be performed on-site by user
  • Max Load: 35 lbs. (15.9kg)
  • Orbit: 0.5" (12mm)
  • Requires 11"  x 13" platform and interchangeable clamps (sold separately) for shaking
  • Optional Plexiglas or stainless steel cover minimizes evaporation, reduces heat loss and directs condensation to the sides of the tank

Features and Benefits

MaxQ 7000 Water Bath Orbital Shaker

Thermo Scientific’s MaxQ™ 7000 Water Bath Orbital Shaker provides incubation up to 90°C and variable speed shaking up to 500 rpm without splashing.

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Popular Accessories
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  • MaxQ 7000 Orbital Shaker Required Platform

    Thermo Scientific’s MaxQ™ 7000 uses either dedicated platforms to optimize capacity for one vessel type or universal platforms for mixing-and-matching.
  • Dedicated Platform with 250mL Erlenmeyer Flask Clamps

  • Flask Clamp Starter Kit for MaxQ 2000 and 3000 shaker universal platforms

  • Universal Platform; for MaxQ Shaker, 18 x 18 in

  • Gable cover, Plexiglas* for temperatures up to 65C

  • Gable cover, Stainless-Steel for temperatures up to 90C

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