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Voltage Type Material Controls Maximum Temperature Capacity Convection Type Model Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
120 VEconomyStainless SteelAnalog306°C1.4 cu. ft.GravitySGO1SLG122 $1,97215-19 Days
240 VEconomyStainless SteelAnalog306°C1.4 cu. ft.GravitySGO1SLG122-EA $2,17015-19 Days


  • Sturdy with triple wall construction
  • Shel Lab Gravity Convection Ovens deliver precise temperature uniformity and air distribution
  • Temperature and microprocessor controls and an adjustable air exhaust
  • Units are well suited for a variety of drying, baking and curing applications
  • Available in 3.4 and 5.4 cu. ft. capacities
  • Features: Triple wall construction, Microprocessor Controls, Superb Temperature Control and Cool Touch Damper
  • Adjustable air exhaust away from heat source
  • Digital timer (99hr and 59 min); power retains heating elements when times expires
  • Optional reversible door
  • Outer skin meets CE requirements even at 225°C; keeps applications hot without heating up workspace
  • CE Approved on select models


  • Shel Lab Gravity Convection Laboratory Oven Shel Lab Gravity Convection Laboratory Oven

Features and Benefits

Gravity Convection Oven with adjustable shelves

Shel Lab Gravity Convection Ovens in double wall or triple wall construction models deliver gentle heating/drying and precise temperature uniformity

Economy Oven Airflow Chart

The Gravity Convection Economy Ovens saves energy while the double wall construction maintains uniform temperatures. Units deliver gentle heating and drying of lightweight samples such as powders, lightweight films and granular material.
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