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Design Material Static Hold Time Liquid Nitrogen Capacity Model Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
BenchtopAluminum6 days5 LLD Series5LD $1,03235-40 Days
BenchtopAluminum10 days4 LLD Series4LDB $79535-40 Days
BenchtopAluminum45 days10 LLD Series10LDB $73635-45 Days
BenchtopAluminum109 days25 LLD Series25LDB $1,13635-45 Days
BenchtopAluminum119 days25 LLD SeriesCLASSIC $1,28435-40 Days
BenchtopAluminum122 days50 LLD Series50LDB $1,58635-45 Days
BenchtopAluminum152 days35 LLD Series35LDB $1,17735-45 Days


  • TW LD Series Liquid Nitrogen Dewars safely stores and dispenses LN2 samples
  • Available in 4-50 liter LN2 capacity models
  • Made with rugged high-strength aluminum body, magneformed necktube, ribbed exterior and durable paint
  • Snap-on cap and necktube provides a tight closure for sample security
  • Optional Liquid Withdrawal Device on models: 25LD, 35LD and 50LD
  • Advanced insulation material provides high thermal efficiency
  • Additional accessories: spare cap, roller base, necktube core
  • TW LD Series formerly by Worthington Industries (Taylor Wharton)
  • Made in U.S.A.

Features & Benefits

Liquid Withdrawal Device

Optional Liquid Withdrawal Device directly clamps on special neck flange of 25LD, 35LD and 50LD dewars for convenient pressure transfers of LN2
Popular Accessories
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  • Tipping Stand and Liquid Withdrawal Device

    The stand supports the weight of the dewar for safe and easy dispensing of liquid nitrogen (includes casters for mobility). The liquid withdrawal device dispenses liquid nitrogen at 8L/min (shown with optional phase separator on tip).
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