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Voltage Type Controls Temperature Range Model Over-Temperature Protection RS-232 Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
120 VTubeSingle Program100° - 1,200°CLindberg/Blue MYesNoHTF55322A $3,89745-54 Days
240 VTubeSingle Program100° - 1,200°CLindberg/Blue MYesNoHTF55322C $3,89745-54 Days


  • Temperature Range: 500°C - 1500°C
  • Accommodate 1in., 2in. and 3in. O.D. process tubes (customer supplied)
  • Silicon carbide heating elements positioned above and below tube works with Type “R” thermocouple to stabilize temperature
  • Microprocessor-based PID programmable control (proportional, integral, derivative) prevents overshoot
  • Available with Single Program/Multiple Segment or Multiple Program/Multiple Segment Programmable Controller
  • Program(s) and segment(s) for ramp (up and down) and dwell (timed hold) temperature control
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