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DNABacteria/Fungi10 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1510010 $675-7 Days Stocked
DNABacteria/Fungi50 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1510050 $2675-7 Days Stocked
DNABacteria/Fungi250 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1510250 $1,0665-7 Days Stocked
DNAPlant10 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1560010 $685-7 Days Stocked
DNAPlant50 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1560050 $2695-7 Days Stocked
DNAPlant250 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1560250 $1,0775-7 Days Stocked
DNASoil10 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1580010 $675-7 Days Stocked
DNASoil50 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1580010 $2675-7 Days Stocked
DNASoil250 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1580250 $1,0665-7 Days Stocked
DNAStool10 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1570010 $855-7 Days Stocked
DNAStool50 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1570050 $3375-7 Days Stocked
DNAStool250 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1570250 $1,3465-7 Days Stocked
DNATissue10 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1540010 $675-7 Days Stocked
DNATissue50 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1540050 $2675-7 Days Stocked
DNATissue250 Reactions1 Sample845-KS-1540250 $1,0665-7 Days Stocked


• innuSPEED DNA Isolation Kits by Analytik Jena are compatible with SpeedMill PLUS and other homogenizers

• Kits contain all of the required reagents and consumables for isolating highly-pure DNA from tissues, plants, soil, bacteria, fungi and stool samples

• Ready-to-use kits efficiently provide high yields for any downstream application

• Allows homogenization and lysis to take place in the same Lysis Tube

• Included: optimized lysis tubes to break down hard and compact starting materials

• Choose from 10, 50 or 250 reactions

• innuSPEED Tissue DNA Isolation Kit: Tissue samples (up to 50 mg), biopsies, cartilaginous material (such as rodent tails), dried samples and insects

• innuSPEED Plant DNA Isolation Kit: Leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and other plant tissues (100 mg)

• innuSPEED Soil DNA Isolation Kit: Soil samples (100 - 250 mg)

• innuSPEED Bacteria/Fungi DNA Isolation Kit: Gram+ bacteria); fungal spores; yeasts

• innuSPEED Stool DNA Isolation Kit: 200-400 µg of solid stool samples, 200-400 µl of liquid stool samples, fresh or frozen samples

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