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DNATissue16 Reactions1 SampleinnuPREP845-IPS-2016016 $1755-7 Days Stocked
DNATissue16 Reactions8/16 SamplesinnuPREP845-IPP-2016016 $1845-7 Days Stocked
DNAForensic16 Reactions1 SampleinnuPREP845-IPS-2416016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNAForensic16 Reactions8/16 SamplesinnuPREP845-IPP-2416016 $1945-7 Days Stocked
DNA MiniBlood16 Reactions1 SampleinnuPREP845-IPS-1016016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNA MiniBlood16 Reactions8/16 SamplesinnuPREP845-IPP-1016016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNA MidiBlood16 Reactions1 SampleinnuPREP845-IPS-1216016 $1755-7 Days Stocked
DNA MidiBlood16 Reactions8/16 SamplesinnuPREP845-IPP-1216016 $1755-7 Days Stocked
DNAPlant16 Reactions1 SampleinnuPREP845-IPS-1516016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNAPlant16 Reactions8/16 SamplesinnuPREP845-IPP-1516016 $1755-7 Days Stocked
DNAFood16 Reactions1 SampleinnuPREP845-IPS-5716016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNAFood16 Reactions8/16 SamplesinnuPREP845-IPP-5716016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNAFFPE16 Reactions1 SampleinnuPREP845-IPS-5916016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNAFFPE16 Reactions8/16 SamplesinnuPREP $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNASwab16 Reactions1 SampleinnuPREP845-IPS-2116016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNASwab16 Reactions8/16 SamplesinnuPREP845-IPP-2116016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNABacterial16 Reactions1 SampleinnuPREP845-IPS-5516016 $1755-7 Days Stocked
DNABacterial16 Reactions8/16 SamplesinnuPREP845-IPP-5516016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNAMycobacteria16 Reactions1 SampleinnuPREP845-IPS-5816016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNAMycobacteria16 Reactions8/16 SamplesinnuPREP845-IPP-5816016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNAStool16 Reactions1 SampleinnuPREP845-IPS-3016016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNAStool16 Reactions8/16 SamplesinnuPREP845-IPP-3016016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNAViral16 Reactions1 SampleinnuPREP845-IPS-5016016 $1865-7 Days Stocked
DNABlood16 Reactions1 SamplePME free-circulating845-IPS-6116016 $3615-7 Days Stocked
DNABlood16 Reactions8/16 SamplesPME free-circulating845-IPP-6116016 $3615-7 Days Stocked
BisulfiteDNA16 Reactions1 SampleinnuCONVERT845-IC-1000008 $505-7 Days Stocked
BisulfiteDNA16 Reactions8/16 SamplesinnuCONVERT845-IC-2000008 $555-7 Days Stocked


  • innuPREP Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits by Analytik Jena are available in 14 application specific chemistries
  • Optimized for InnuPure C16 Extraction System and compatible with SpeedMill Plus
  • Nucleic acids are available for immediate downstream applications once purified
  • innuPREP kits: DNA, Forensic DNA, Blood DNA Mini-Kit, Blood DNA, FFPE DNA, Swab DNA, Bacteria DNA
  • Available in 16, 96 and 480 reaction for single or multiple reaction processing
  • IPS Kits process individual samples
  • IPP Kits process 8 to 16 samples in parallel when used with InnuPure C16
  • Absorption of isolation material to magnetic or paramagnetic particles
  • Eliminates cross-contamination of reagents and samples
  • Removes the possibility of transferring magnetic particles to the eluate
  • Provides high quality and superb yields for DNA or RNA
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