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ISO Class

PriceUsually Ships inStocked
WipesCottonWhite9"9"NoISO 7 $6638-14 Days
WipesLaundered PolyesterWhite4"4"NoISO 5 Request Quote8-14 Days
WipesLaundered PolyesterWhite9"9"NoISO 3 $4638-14 Days
WipesLaundered PolyesterWhite9"9"YesISO 3 $1508-14 Days
WipesLaundered PolyesterWhite12"12"NoISO 5 $1638-14 Days
WipesNon-Woven SpunlaceWhite9"9"NoISO 7 $2508-14 Days
WipesNon-Woven SpunlaceWhite9"9"YesISO 3 $748-14 Days
WipesNon-Woven SpunlaceWhite12"12"NoISO 7 $2108-14 Days
WipesLaundered PolyesterWhite9"9"NoISO 3 $4758-14 Days
WipesLaundered PolyesterWhite9"9"NoISO 3 $3508-14 Days
WipesNon-Woven SpunlaceWhite9"9"YesISO 3 $3258-14 Days


  • Select from Nonwoven Spunlace Wipes, Laundered Polyester Wipes, Nonwoven Pre-Saturated Wipes and Cotton Wipes
  • Non-linting, particle free wipes designed for use in laboratory and cleanroom environments
  • Convenient storage pail minimizes wipe dry-out for long-lasting convenience, resulting in typical cost savings of 30-40%
  • All wipes are lot quality-controlled, tested and traceable
  • Select wipes are certified for use in ISO 3-7 environments
  • Nonwoven Pre-Saturated Spunlace Wipes are presaturated in 70% IPA/30% DI water for consistent, reproducible results
  • Electrostatic dissipative Nonwoven Spunlace Wipes are ideal for use in pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications and suitable for ISO-6 environments
  • Laundered Polyester Wipes feature knit polyester construction for the cleanest cleanroom applications (ISO 3-ISO 5)
  • Soft, durable Cotton Wipes gently clean and polish scratch-sensitive optics or magnetic disk media surfaces

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