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Type Quantity Manufacturer SKU Buffer ApplicationPriceUsually Ships inStocked
Powder Buffer50 PackEB1100Protein $1423-5 Days
Powder Buffer50 PackEB1101Protein $2903-5 Days
Powder Buffer50 PackEB1102Protein $2903-5 Days
Powder Buffer100 PackEB1000Nucleic Acid $2003-5 Days
Powder Buffer100 PackEB1202Western Blot $1783-5 Days
Powder Buffer100 PackEB1203Western Blot $1783-5 Days


  • Premeasured powdered buffer packs
  • 1 pouch makes 1 liter of 1x buffer solution
  • No dilution or pH adjustment necessary, simply pour and stir into water
  • Includes preprinted bottle labels
  • Nuclease and protease free
  • Nucleic Acid Electophoresis Buffer Packs
  • QuickSilver TAE Buffer: Ideal for separation of large DNA Fragments in agarose gels and is used as running buffer and in gel preparation
  • QucikSilver TBE Buffer: Used in gel preparation and as a running buffer for electrophoresis of nucleic acids
  • QuickSilver Fast Running Buffer: Proprietary blend formulated for agarose gel electrophoresis at high voltage (300-350 V)
  • Protein Electrophoresis Buffers Packs
  • QuickSilver TGS (Tris-Glycine-SDS): One of the most common running buffers used for SDS-PAGE
  • QuickSilver Tris-MES-SDS: Running buffer used to resolve small to medium molecular weight protein on SDS-PAGE gels. Proteins resolve faster in gels using Tris-MES-SDS than those using tris-MOPS-SDS.
  • QuickSilver Tris-MOPS-SDS: Running buffer when resolving medium to large proteins with SDS-PAGE
  • Western Blotting, ELISA, Cell Culture, Chromatography Buffer Packs
  • QuickSilver TBS and TBST: Maintains pH within a very narrow range for a variety of applications including western blotting and immunoassays
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