Product Details

  • Aquanex Ultrapure Water Purification System (#7201030) with Smart Touch Dispenser for ASTM Type 1 water features a 30-liter external tank
  • System accepts two dispensers with optional Type II water dispenser #50138221
  • Designed with a simple-to-use intuitive user interface, self-service removable front panel and quick change DI cartridge for easy lab water dispensing
  • Dispense rate: ≥ 2.0 L/min
  • •  Includes: main unit, tank, Smart Touch Dispenser with magnetic stand, Aquanex DI Pack Set, UV/UF, RO Filter, and 0.1μm final filter
  • Applications: Chromatography, Spectroscopy, TOC Analysis, Genomics (Cell/Tissue Culture), Proteomics, Immunology, Pharmacology, Drug Discovery, Molecular Biology and Microbiology
  • Two user interfaces: touch screen display on main unit or with Smart Touch Dispenser
  • Quick-connect fixtures for easy installation
  • Enables dispensing from tank or use the pipette style dispenser for larger container
  • Magnetic front panel provides quick access to consumables and system automatically recognizes new cartridges
  • Intuitive touchscreen for volumetric or manual dispensing display sets up key parameters (water quality, tank level and dispensing options), volume selection
  • Volumetric dispensing accuracy: ± 2% at volumes ≥100 mL
  • Additional features: secure log-in, seamless event logging, monitoring and reporting, high-flow smart dispensing, volumetric and manual dispensing capability, Water Saver Mode helps conserve water when using high-quality feed water
  • Automatic Leak Detection and system shut off
  • Feed water source: potable tap
  • Daily Output: 100L
  • Wall-Mounted or Benchtop Aquanex Smart Touch Dispenser Features:
  • Easy-to-handle pipette-style dispenser magnetically held on the stand
  • 10 ft. cord for flexible dispensing at any height
  • Ergonomic design  
  • Customizable water usage:
  • Water Saver Mode: recirculates water through system for most purified water from input water; saves up to 50% water compared to typical RO operating mode (impacts cartridge life)
  • Pack Saver Mode: Enhances DI cartridge life by not recirculating RO wastewater; minimizes operation costs
  • Dynamic Mode: Optimizes water saving and operational costs by choosing Pack Saver and Water Saver Modes based on local water quality
  • Aquanex Type 1 Water Specifications:
  • Conductivity: 0.055 μS/cm
  • Resistance: 18.2 MΩ·cm
  • TOC: < 3 ppb
  • RNase: 1 pg/mL
  • DNase: 5 pg/mL
  • Protease: 0.15 μg/mL
  • Bacteria: 0.001 CFU/mL
  • Bacterial endotoxins: 0.001 EU/mL
  • Particle: 99.9% Reduction > 0.1 μm
  • Sodium: < 1 ppb
  • Chloride: < 1 ppb
  • Silica, total: < 3 ppb
  • Volumetric Dispense: ± 2% at > 100 mL
  • Aquanex Type 2 Water Specifications:
  • Conductivity: 0.1 – 1.0 μS/cm
  • Resistance: 1-10 MΩ·cm
  • Retention rate for bacteria and particles: 99 %
  • RO assembly permeate flow at 25°C: 16 ± 20% L/hr


Water Grade Produced: ASTM Type 1

Manufactured by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Model: Aquanex

Manufacturer SKU: 7201030

Tank Capacity: 30 L

Unit of Measure: EA

Weight, Product: 70 lb

Dimensions, Product: 24" W x 24.5" D x 16" H

Dimensions, Shipping: 30" W x 30.5" D x 22" H

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