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1.6 Gal/hr1-5 ppb1230 VReverse Osmosis50132386 1729-19 $3,39110-20 Days
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• Scalable and economical Barnstead Pacific RO Water Purification by Thermo Fisher Scientific with permeate flow options in 3, 7, 12, 20, or 40 liters per hour

• Reverse osmosis membrane removes microorganisms, particles colloids, organic and inorganic contaminants

• Features: integrated feed water monitor, customizable required filling level of reservoir, stagnant water recirculated with automatic return to operating mode, microprocessor control with automatic operation, wall mounting bracket, backlit control panel shows status of operating mode and shows percentage of reservoir fill-level

• GLP-compliant documentation: Real-time clock records system errors and faults, data storage collects 4 weeks of information, code-protected operating system prevents unauthorized changes, RS-232 interface able to customize timing of data transmission, cell constant of 0.16 cm-1 ensures precise conductivity measurement

• One-Year Manufacturer Warranty for Parts and Labor

• Operating Pressure psi (bar): 29-87 (2-6)

• Bacterial/Salt Retention: 99%/98%

• Feed water Connector/Source: 3/4" NPT/Potable tap water that has been softened or hardness stabilized

• Retention, Bacteria and Particles, %: 99

• Temperature Range: 2° to 35°C

• Silt density index (SDI): < 5, With higher values, a pretreatment (#09.4000) must be installed upstream of the system

• Conductivity, µS/cm: < 1500

• Pre-filtration: 5 µm + activated carbon

• Applications: humidification, glassware washing/rinsing, preparing and diluting buffers/reagents, supplying autoclaves, water baths, and incubators

• Required Accessories: Storage Reservoirs (30L, 60L and 100L), Double Pretreatment System; Optional: hand dispenser kit and replacement consumables

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