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0.79 Gal/hr1-5 ppb3120/240 VUV/UF50129688 1714-04 $4,10910-20 Days
0.79 Gal/hr5-10 ppb3120/240 VUV50129872 1714-02 $3,71510-20 Days
3.2 Gal/hr1-5 ppb12120/240 VUV50129890 1714-10 $6,03510-20 Days
3.2 Gal/hr1-5 ppb12120/240 VUV/UF50129845 1714-12 $6,25210-20 Days
1.6 Gal/hr1-5 ppb6120/240 VUV50129885 1714-06 $5,33910-20 Days
1.6 Gal/hr1-5 ppb6120/240 VUV/UF50129887 1714-08 $5,73310-20 Days
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• Versatile Barnstead Smart2Pure Water Purification System produces 3, 6 or 12 liter per hour of ASTM Type 1 or ASTM Type 2 ultra-pure water; for use as benchtop or wall mount

• Features: conical bottom for thorough draining, easy cleaning and disinfection, variable speed control, display tilts for optimal reading, 30 and 60 liter storage reservoir available for 12 liter models

• Includes: internal reservoir with pigment-free materials (3L and 6L models), RO/pretreatment cartridge, ultrapure polisher cartridge, sterile 0.2?m filter, pressure regulator and UV lamp

• Optional ultraviolet (UV) oxidation and ultrafilter (UF) membrane to customize quality of ultrapure water

• One-Year Manufacturer Warranty for Parts and Labor

• Operating pressure in bar, min/max: 1 to 6 bar

• Type 1 – Conductivity: 0.055 µS/cm

• Type 1 - Resistivity at 25°C: 18.2 M?xcm

• Bacterial content (CFU/mL): <1

• Particles >0.2µM/mL: <1

• Type 2 – Conductivity: 0.067 to 0.1 µS/cm

• Type 2 - Resistivity at 25°C: 15 to 10M?xcm

• Type 2 - Bacterial Retention: 99%

• Feed water Connector: 1/4 in. O.D.

• Applications: molecular biology, microbiology, analytical chemistry and routine lab processes

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

ASTM 1 and 2 Applications

Addtional Features

Independent Cartridge Features:
  • Aquastop independent, quick connect cartridges allows water purification through independent cartridges for fast and easy replacement of exact cartridge
  • Module 1: combination of pretreatment and reverse osmosis membrane
  • Module 2: polishing cartridge contains high-quality ultrapure resin for consistent purity and extends cartridge life
Feed Water Requirements: Barnstead Smart2Pure for ASTM Type 1 and Type 2
  • Source: Potable water acc. to DIN 2000
  • pH range: 4-11
  • Temperature, C°: 2-35
  • Pressure, psi (bar): 1.4-87 (1-6)
ASTM Type 1 Water Applications
  • AA, IC, standard buffer
  • UV option: HPLC, GC-MS and ICP_MS, TOC Analysis and Trace Analysis
  • UF Option: Microbiology, monoclonal antibodies, cell culture
  • UV/UF Option: Molecular biology, PCR, DNA sequencing, electrophoresis, cell culture media
ASTM Type 2 Water Applications
  • Rinsing lab glassware
  • Water supply for autoclaves and ultrapure water systems
  • Preparing and diluting buffers, reagents and tissue culture media

UV-Lamp for Barnstead Water Purification Systems UV and UV/UV models only

Barnstead Smart2Pure RO Membrane Cartridge

Barnstead Smart2Pure Water Purification Systems includes a Reverse Osmosis Membrane cartridge that removes larger particles, molecules and ions from tap water

Autoclavable Filters

Select Barnstead Water Purification Systems by Thermo Fisher Scientific available with a sterile autoclaved filter that reduces bacteria

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