Product Details

  • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 7, ISO 8
  • Cleanroom control panel provides convenient, centralized access to monitor and adjust cleanroom controls
  • Includes differential pressure gauge, power switches for FFUs and lights, and a filter replacement alarm
  • Integrated filter replacement alarm keeps your fan filter units working safely and efficiently
  • Night Service switch automatically sets FFUs to low power mode to shave 25% of energy costs
  • Upgrade to Smart® control panel for more environmental sensors and advanced control of up to 200 FFUs
  • NEC-compliant and energy-saving control system simplifies connection of power to fan/filter units (FFUs), lights, and other ceiling modules.
  • Plug-and-play modular design with quick-connect fittings speeds up installation, whether of Terra-furnished modular cleanroom or Terra cleanroom components used in your own cleanroom structure.
  • Operation Status Indicators provide simple yet effective visual confirmations of cleanroom operation.
  • Main power switches include tamper-resistant keys for greater safety and security.
  • Durable control panel enclosure provides a secure housing for critical cleanroom control equipment. Features an easy-to-clean mirror-finished stainless steel front cover.
  • Integrated Filter Replacement Alarm:
  • Filter replacement alarm keeps your FFUs working safely and efficiently. A single filter replacement alarm typically covers for all FFUs in the cleanroom.
  • Automatic replacement alerts help to avoid costly and unexpected operational interruptions. Also helps prevent electrical/fire hazards caused by overworked motors pushing against overloaded HEPA filters.
  • How Filter Alarm Works:
  • The alarm system connects to one FFU via a challenge port and the Minihelic™ gauge displays the backpressure of the FFU it is connected to. Assuming all FFUs are operating under the same or similar conditions, an alarm for one filter typically signals when all filters are ready to be replaced.
  • The differential pressure set-point is adjustable between 0.5" - 2" WC to modify the desired frequency of filter replacements while maintaining adequate air pressure within the cleanroom. The alarm is factory set to alert when pressure reaches twice the initial backpressure (typically 1.5" WC).
  • Audible and Visible Alarms:
  • An audible buzzer with silencer sounds when the set point is reached.  The TUI LED on the control panel also flashes when the HEPA or ULPA filter needs to be replaced.
  • Night Service Switch:
  • Night Service Switch maintains round-the-clock cleanroom integrity at lower cost by reducing power consumption during off-hours.
  • The Night Service Switch activates a separate circuit that drops all FFUs into low-energy operation mode to save 25% of fan operating costs.
  • Note: Night Mode control panels are not compatible with low profile FFUs.
  • Installation:
  • One control panel is required per cleanroom - additional units may be specified for multiple rooms or entrances.
  • Low voltage 24V control panel connects to the main Power Distribution module (PDM, sold separately) to draw power and integrate with cleanroom system.
  • Control panel includes challenge port kit to connect filter alarm to FFU.
  • Compact softwall configuration is designed to mount directly to the steel frame of Terra's softwall modular cleanroom.


Cleanroom Type: Softwall

Mounting Position: External

Night Switch: Yes

Unit of Measure: EA

Dimensions, Product: 2.5" W x 2.5" D x 8.5" H

Dimensions, Shipping: 5" W x 12" D x 5" H

Electrical Specifications: 24 V, 0.25 A, 50/60 Hz

Package Type: Crate

Weight, Product: 8 lb

Weight, Shipping: 18 lb

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