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Wire Bond Strength TesterComplete Set $5,65910-12 Days Stocked
Wire Bond Strength Tester4-35 gram $1,37110-12 Days Stocked
Wire Bond Strength Tester5-50 gram $1,37110-12 Days Stocked
Wire Bond Strength Tester10-100 gram $1,50210-12 Days Stocked
4-35 gram $5651-3 Days Stocked
5-50 gram $5651-3 Days Stocked
10-100 gram $5651-3 Days Stocked
15-150 gram $5651-3 Days Stocked


  • This portable, durable Wire-Bond Strength Tester provides accurate, reliable wire-bond tests in either destructive or non-destructive mode in conformance with MIL-STD 883C
  • Nondestructive testing: set predetermined pull strength to be applied to the unit under test
  • Destructive testing: the system applies pull force until the wire bond breaks, allowing you to measure precisely the strength of the bond
  • Calibration weights are available for four pull ranges to simplify checks of the tester’s accuracy (calibration checks should be performed frequently)
  • Side forces on the wire are eliminated through the precise alignment of the pivot axis of the gauge arm to the swing bracket and through a free-swinging hook at the gauge tip, guaranteeing smooth motion throughout the pull cycle
  • A recoil guard prevents undue snap-back of the instrument’s gauge arm and indicator needle, thereby protecting the accuracy of the needles
  • Dash pot (included with all testers) lets you adjust the pull rate and delivers smooth motion through the entire pull cycle, guaranteeing repeatable test results independent of operator variables
  • Available with a single gauge (with hook) of your choice: 4-35 g, 5-50 g, 10-100 g, 15-150g; calibration weights and optional accessory chuck sold separately
  • Bundled system also available with all four gauges (with one pull hook for each), all four calibration weights, and an accessory chuck

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