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120 VAutomated PipettorMulti ChannelMicroplatesNoSOLO800230 Request Quote20-24 Days
120 VAutomated PipettorMulti Channel/Integrated DispenserMicroplatesNoSOLO Plus800240 Request Quote20-24 Days
120 VAutomated PipettorSingle ChannelMicroplatesNoSOLO800201 Request Quote20-24 Days
120 VAutomated PipettorSingle ChannelMicroplatesYesSOLO800251 Request Quote20-24 Days


  • SOLO Automated Pipettor is a high-resolution compact automatic robotic pipettor that easily integrates with other liquid handling systems from most manufacturers
  • Compatible with Hudson Robotics liquid handling systems such as the PlateCrane EX and Micro10x Reagent Dispenser
  • Compact unit fits in fume hoods, biosafety cabinets (BSC) and anaerobic chambers
  • Broad dynamic volume range and handles reactions in a sterile environment
  • SOLO functions as an unattended stand-alone instrument, which saves time and provides researchers with walkaway freedom
  • Automates large and small volume experiments, is adaptable to most SBS footprint microplates, and can improve the quality and reliability of many assays
  • Works within a plate, saving valuable time and reducing errors inherent in complex, repetitive pipetting
  • Compatible with 8-, 27-, 96-, and 384-well microplates
  • Compatible with a wide variety of plates, vials, and reagent reservoirs
  • Dispense above the well, tip-touch, or set mix protocol
  • Broad volume range: 1 µL to 200 µL for the multi-tip heads
  • Broad range of accurate pipetting volumes, from 0.5 µL to 200 µL with CVs better than 3%
  • Standard 6-position deck offer 50% more capacity
  • Multi-tip is available with either an 8-tip or 12-tip pipette head with a broad pipetting range from 1 µL to 200 µL with a single pipette head
  • SoftLinx lab automation software makes it easy to program and operate work cells


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