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120 V304 Stainless SteelMotorized Shield49"30.5"69.2" 2001-30D-MS 76518 $9,09525-35 Days2
120 V304 Stainless SteelMotorized Shield61"30.5"69.2" 2001-31C-MS 70771 $11,3401-3 Days3
120 V304 Stainless SteelMotorized Shield73"30.5"69.2" 2001-32C-MS 70780 $12,0441-3 Days4
120 V304 Stainless SteelMotorized Shield97"30.5"69.2" 2001-33D-MS 76530 $13,14925-35 Days5
120 V304 Stainless SteelNo Shield49"30.5"69.2" 2001-30D 76516 $7,09525-35 Days6
120 V304 Stainless SteelNo Shield61"30.5"69.2" 2001-31D 76520 $9,06325-35 Days7
120 V304 Stainless SteelNo Shield73"30.5"69.2" 2001-32D 76524 $9,3571-3 Days8
120 V304 Stainless SteelNo Shield97"30.5"69.2" 2001-33D 76528 $10,24125-35 Days9
120 VPowder-Coated SteelMotorized Shield49"30.5"69.2" 2001-80D-MS 76534 $7,41720-30 Days10
120 VPowder-Coated SteelMotorized Shield61"30.5"69.2" 2001-81D-MS 76538 $9,60020-30 Days11
120 VPowder-Coated SteelMotorized Shield73"30.5"69.2" 2001-82D-MS 76542 $10,2741-3 Days12
120 VPowder-Coated SteelMotorized Shield97"30.5"69.2" 2001-83D-MS 76546 $11,2991-3 Days13
120 VPowder-Coated SteelNo Shield49"30.5"69.2" 2001-80C 70791 $5,4171-3 Days14
120 VPowder-Coated SteelNo Shield61"30.5"69.2" 2001-81D 76536 $7,3231-3 Days15
120 VPowder-Coated SteelNo Shield73"30.5"69.2" 2001-82C 70807 $7,5881-3 Days16
120 VPowder-Coated SteelNo Shield97"30.5"69.2" 2001-83D 76544 $8,39120-30 Days17
240 V304 Stainless SteelMotorized Shield49"30.5"69.2" 2001-30D-220-MS 76519 $9,22425-35 Days18
240 V304 Stainless SteelMotorized Shield61"30.5"69.2" 2001-31D-220-MS 76523 $11,59725-35 Days19
240 V304 Stainless SteelMotorized Shield73"30.5"69.2" 2001-32D-220-MS 76527 $12,30125-35 Days20
240 V304 Stainless SteelMotorized Shield97"30.5"69.2" 2001-33D-220-MS 76531 $13,40625-35 Days21
240 V304 Stainless SteelNo Shield49"30.5"69.2" 2001-30D-220 76517 $7,22425-35 Days22
240 V304 Stainless SteelNo Shield61"30.5"69.2" 2001-31D-220 76521 $9,32025-35 Days23
240 V304 Stainless SteelNo Shield73"30.5"69.2" 2001-32D-220 76525 $9,61525-35 Days24
240 V304 Stainless SteelNo Shield97"30.5"69.2" 2001-33D-220 76529 $10,49825-35 Days25
240 VPowder-Coated SteelMotorized Shield49"30.5"69.2" 2001-80D-220-MS 76535 $7,54720-30 Days26
240 VPowder-Coated SteelMotorized Shield61"30.5"69.2" 2001-81D-220-MS 76539 $9,85620-30 Days27
240 VPowder-Coated SteelMotorized Shield73"30.5"69.2" 2001-82D-220-MS 76543 $10,53320-30 Days28
240 VPowder-Coated SteelMotorized Shield97"30.5"69.2" 2001-83D-220-MS 76547 $11,55720-30 Days29
240 VPowder-Coated SteelNo Shield49"30.5"69.2" 2001-80D-220 76533 $5,54720-30 Days30
240 VPowder-Coated SteelNo Shield61"30.5"69.2" 2001-81D-220 76537 $7,57920-30 Days31
240 VPowder-Coated SteelNo Shield73"30.5"69.2" 2001-82D-220 76541 $7,84620-30 Days32
240 VPowder-Coated SteelNo Shield97"30.5"69.2" 2001-83D-220 76545 $8,64920-30 Days33
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Product Details

• Vertical Laminar Flow Station provides a micro-filtered air stream to create ISO 5 / Class 100 cleanliness conditions in the work area

• These clean benches operate with energy-efficient electrically commutated (EC) HEPA Filter/Fan Units (FFUs)

• Room-side replaceable filter design simplifies maintenance

• The PLC panel controls operation of lights and optional motorized shield as well as allowing easy fan speed adjustment and balancing

• A filter monitor displays backpressure and provides an alert to signal the need for filter replacement

• Accommodates standard Terra work benches in many materials to meet diverse processing requirements

• HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is rated 99.99% efficient at removing 0.3-micron particles (ULPA filters available)

• Advanced baffling technology ensures uniform airflow across the filter face and attenuates sound for quiet operation: approximately 53 dBA @ 100 feet/minute

• All-stainless steel or powder-coated steel construction is cleanroom compatible and easy to clean

• Side panels and optional front motorized access sash optimize laminar flow and shield operator for airflow

• LED illuminators ensure easy viewing

• Optional ionization equipment safely neutralizes static charges throughout the work area for effective ESD protection

Vertical Laminar Flow Stations

Standard Features

  • A Flourescent Light
    Fluorescent light standard, UV sterilization bulbs available
  • B Side Panels
    Side Panels ensure effective laminar flow
  • C Status Indicator
    Status Indicator
  • D Control Panel
    "Digital Control Panel • FFU • Light • Sliding Shield"
  • E Nylon levelers
    Steel-reinforced nylon levelors resist most chemicals

Optional Features

  • 1 Sliding Shield
    Motorized Sliding Shield extends 3" – 25" (76 mm-635 mm) below hood to restrict access to work area and improve system efficiency. Rated for millions of operations!
  • 2 Range of Work Surfaces
    Work Surfaces available in many sizes and materials. Two-piece design isolates FFU vibration
  • 3 Modular Cleanroom Drawers
    Modular Cleanroom Drawers—select stainless steel or plastic

Not Shown: Fan Filter Unit - Roomside-replaceable HEPA flow fan/filter unit with EC motor (not shown)

Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods

  • Vertical Laminar Flow Tilt-Up Shield Tilt-Up Shield
  • High-Clearance, Wide-Access Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods ValuLine™ Vertical Laminar Flow Stations
  • HEPA Filtration for Particle-Free Airflow HEPA Filtration for Particle-Free Airflow
  • PLC Touchscreen Controls on Vertical Laminar Flow Hood PLC Touchscreen Panel on Vertical Laminar Flow Hood
  • Vertical Laminar Flow Station with Vibration Isolated Work Surface Isolated Work Surface Enhances High Magnification Viewing
  • Custom double-sided vertical laminar flow station Custom Hood; Vertical Laminar Flow Station, Double-Sided 120V

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Laminar Flow and Fume Hoods FAQs

Laminar Flow and Fume Hoods FAQs

Laboratory hoods serve a number of critical purposes in the lab environment.

Product protection from particulate contaminants in the lab environment, including microbes

Such hoods, often called laminar flow workstations or clean benches, use a flow of HEPA-filtered air to prevent influx of viable and non-viable particles into the enclosure and to sweep away any contaminants generated by the work process.

Protection of personnel and lab environment from substances generated inside the enclosure

For fume containment, laboratory fume hoods use a ducted ventilation system that maintains negative pressure. Where ducting is impractical, ductless hoods are also available for removal of non-hazardous contaminants (fumes or particles), using either HEPA or activated carbon filters.

Protection of product, operator and environment

Biological safety cabinets combine aspects of both hood types: a laminar flow of micro-filtered air and negative-pressure containment of bio-hazard fumes.

Laminar Flow Hoods
Vertical Laminar Flow Hood Airflow Diagram

Laminar flow hoods (also called laminar flow clean benches) force air through a HEPA or ULPA filter to create a clean work area free of nearly all contaminating particulates, including bacteria, mold spores and many viruses. These hoods use a vertical or horizontal airflow design. Both provide excellent protection of products from particulates and cross-contamination, but do not protect the operator or environment.

So why choose one over the other? Vertical laminar flow hoods (VLF Hoods) require less floor space, but more overhead clearance. In addition, a sash at the front of the VLF hood provides a barrier between air exiting the hood and the operator’s face. VLF hoods create turbulent air flow when air strikes the work surface, requiring sterile work to be performed above the work surface.

HLF hoods minimize air turbulence (and particle backflow) on the work surface except where equipment disrupts the horizontal airflow. However, they direct the airflow directly at the operator’s face and require more depth to accommodate placement of the fan filter unit at the rear of the hood.

Read more about the differences between horizontal and vertical laminar flow hoods

Fume Exhaust Hoods

Laboratory fume hoods draw air from the environment through the opening of the hood, allowing environmental contaminants into the work area. Thus, lab fume hoods do not offer a sterile environment or product protection. Instead, chemical fume hoods are designed to protect the operator from dangerous or irritating fumes and powders generated from work performed inside the hood.

In ducted fume hoods and canopy fume hoods, air passes out of the hood through a duct leading to an in-house ventilation system that contains and/or neutralizes hazardous materials.

Ductless Exhaust Hood Air Flow Diagram

In ductless fume hoods, fans draw exhaust air through a series of filters that remove irritating substances before release back into the room. Since these filters are not 100% efficient in removing all substances, ductless fume hoods are not advised in the presence of biohazards; however, they provide a convenient, cost-effective solution for operations involving irritating but non-hazardous fumes in facilities where an in-house HVAC system cannot be accessed.

Biosafety Cabinets

Biological Safety cabinets combine design aspects of both laminar flow and fume hoods. Filtered air is directed downward onto the work surface and then travels into a plenum through openings on the front and sides of the hood. Depending on the classification of the biosafety hood, some percentage of air is recirculated through a HEPA filter while the rest is directed out of the hood through an exhaust system. Thus, biosafety cabinets offer operator, environmental and product protection.

These laboratory safety cabinets (sometimes called IV hoods or compounding hoods) are ideal when preparing sterile medications such as chemotherapeutic agents that may pose a risk to the operator.

BSCs, BSLs, and ISO Classes

When it comes to working with hazardous or potentially infectious material, protecting personnel must be the primary concern. However, offering personnel protection does not have to come at the cost of risking product integrity. Class II BSCs provide protection to both personnel and product simultaneously. They maintain an ISO class 5 clean work area for product manipulation, while ensuring that exhaust air is filtered and ducted out of the environment. Thus, a class II BSC is the ideal solution when working with moderately hazardous material and both personnel and product safety are required.

Read more about these lab hoods here regarding their biological safety rating

Integrated Stands Isolates Hood from Work Surface

Built-in stand with dissipative PVC side panels allows VLF Stations to be positioned over any table or processing equipment without transferring hood vibration to work surface (shown integrated with optional modular wet station).

Recessed Lighting and Optional UV-C Sterilization

Included recessed light fixture simplifies cleaning and minimizes airflow disruptions (shown next to optional UV sterilization bulb).

Room-Side Replaceable HEPA Filter

To simplify filter replacement, HEPA filters can be removed and replaced while the FFU remains installed; the gel-sealed filter seats securely against the "knife-edge" on the blower housing to form a tight seal.

Touchscreen Control Panel

PLC control panel provides control of fan speed, lights, and motorized shield; digital gauge monitors backpressure and issues alerts when filter(s) need replacement

Vertical Flow of HEPA-Filtered Air Meets ISO 5 Particle Requirements

Side panels and access shield optimize unidirectional flow of HEPA-filtered air; advanced baffling technology ensures uniform face velocity to meet ISO 5 particle requirements.

Motorized Access Shield

Motorized access shield, included on select models, enhances laminar flow and protects operator from chemical fumes and other environmental nuisances.

HEPA Fan Filter Unit with Integrated LED Light and Ionizer

FFU with built-in LED and ionizing bar provides HEPA filtered air and neutralization of static charges. Removable filter is accessible from inside the hood/cleanroom for easy replacement and servicing. Includes internal baffling plate and diffuser panel.

Long Running FFU Motors

Terra’s filter fan unit motors are rated for 5 years of continuous, 24/7 operation, if the HEPA filters are consistently replaced. To accurately monitor your HEPA filter’s saturation levels, purchase Terra’s audible and visual filter replacement alarm system.

Durable Powder Coating Finish

Terra’s durable powder coating formulation exceeds the ASTM and ISO paint standards for hardness, thickness, humidity resistance, gloss and impact testing.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • UV Germicidal Lamp
    The V-Ray germicidal UV lamp is installed within a Terra hood to inhibit microbial growth on the work surface
  • Static-Neutralizing Ionizing Bar
    Airflow from the blower distributes positive and negative ions onto the surfaces below, neutralizing static charges that can lead to electro-static discharge and attract particles.
  • Explosion-Proof Fan Filter Unit for Hood
    UL-listed, NEC Class I, Division 1 Explosion Proof fan/filter unit provides HEPA filtration where solvent vapors, dust and other flammable hazards are present; all conduit and switches also meet explosion-proof requirements.
  • HEPA Filter Capture Micro-Contaminants
    HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters rated 99.99% efficient with particles 0.3 microns and larger in diameter.
  • Explosion-Proof 40W LED Light
    UL-listed for Class I, Division 1 and 2, Groups C and D areas, this low profile LED light produces 3,600 lumens and operates from 120 to 277VAC, 50/60Hz. The heat-dissipating housing increases the efficiency and lifespan of the LEDs.
  • Explosion-Proof Power Switches
    UL-rated explosion-proof switches are connected to the lights and blowers using specialized conduit with potted fittings. All electrical components are sealed to eliminate potential ignition points.
  • Work Station Drawers
    Available in ABS plastic or stainless steel, these cleanroom-compatible drawers come in a number of sizes and drawer configurations (6” top drawer/12” bottom drawer shown).
  • Isolated Work Surfaces in Many Materials
    Tables in many styles and materials, including dissipative laminate, chemical-resistant polypropyene and epoxy resin, are isolated from hood to reduce vibration (shown: solid stainless steel top with adjustable powder-coated legs).

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