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  • Automatic cleanroom tacky mat maintains sticky surface to remove particles from shoes and carts
  • Self-regenerating design reduces costly maintenance and cleaning programs prone to human error
  • Microprocessor-based PLC controller counts foot passes to replace sticky sheet as it becomes soiled
  • 20"W x  33"D sticky section for personnel, carts and other rolling equipment
  • Roller draws particle-laden sheet inside housing to minimize contamination and simplify disposal
  • Terra Universal's SoleCleaner™ takes contamination-control one step further to minimize the hassle, expense and uncertainty of contamination control.
  • Automating mat replacement ensures the mat surface remains as sticky as you need it. Rather than relying on subjective decisions about when a surface is too dirty, simply determine the number of passes acceptable for your application and leave the rest to the Sole Cleaner. In less critical environments (such as changing rooms), this threshold might run in the hundreds; for a Class 10 cleanroom it might be several dozen.
  • The automatic cleanroom sticky mat features an adhesive surface that seizes particles from the bottoms of shoes and wheels of carts as they pass into a cleanroom or controlled environment.
  • Automatic roller reduces exposure to hazardous contaminants:
  • Ideal for integrating into decontamination procedures, the Sole Cleaner can reduce exposure and pollution in facilities handling lead-based products or hazardous pharmaceuticals.
  • The used sticky matt automatically rolls up to facilitate containment and minimize exposure to personnel who dispose of the sticky matts.
  • Lightweight roll of continuous adhesive sheet:
  • Instead of individual mats, which must be cleaned or peeled off, the SoleCleaner™ uses a replaceable lightweight roll of continuous adhesive sheet.
  • Each 180-foot (54.8 m) roll yields approximately 100 surface changes. The lightweight cartridge weighs only 7lbs (3.1kg) for hassle-free handling.
  • Considering the related handling and maintenance costs associated with other shoe cleaning systems, these rolls offer convenience and value.
  • How Sole Cleaner™ Works:
  • The touchscreen PLC control includes an LCD readout of the number of passes, the selected count limit and the number of passes since the last roll change. Multiple preset limits can be stored to allow simple system updating if the SoleCleaner™ is moved from one location to another. A touch panel allows easy programming.
  • An infrared beam monitors passing feet, and a counter displays total passes. When the total count exceeds the threshold you select, the transport system automatically unrolls a new sheet of sticky surface and resets the counter.
  • During mat regeneration, a red warning light glows and audible alarm activates. The infrared beam and PLC will not allow the mat to move until the platform is unoccupied.
  • As it replaces a length of soiled mat, the machine draws it onto a take-up roller, where embedded particles are trapped and contained in a closed housing. Rather than accumulating hundreds of crumpled sheets day by day in a cleanroom waste receptacle (which always needs to be emptied!), you discard a single compact roll.
  • Durable design for reliable operation:
  • The SoleCleaner™ is designed to stand up to high-volume foot traffic without compromising safety or cleanliness.
  • Made of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel, it features a low-profile ramp that is easy for carts to roll over, and minimizes tripping hazards.
  • Electronic components are designed and built to the highest standards required by defense and semiconductor industries for long-term reliability and protection against damage, injuries, and electrical hazards.
  • The side housings on both sides are hinged to swing open for quick replacement of the mat cartridges or maintenance on the roller system, which uses a minimal number of moving parts to enhance system reliability.
  • Installation:
  • Turnkey system is pre-assembled and arrives ready for operation.
  • The entire assembly is installed on top of a 3/8" thick aluminum plate platform. Simply position the SoleCleaner™ on the floor, plug it in, enter the desired number of passes, and it's ready for operation. It can be moved from one location to another, and requires no maintenance other than occasional cartridge replacement.
  • Roll Replacement:
  • Requires compressed air jet to expand airshaft that grips the core of the sticky mat roll.
  • Includes 1 roll. Order replacement sticky mat rolls separately.

Shoe Cleaners & Sticky Mats

  • Demonstration of how to move through the Cleanroom Shoe Sole Cleaner Cleanroom Shoe Sole Cleaner
Demonstration of how to move through the Cleanroom Shoe Sole Cleaner

Features & Benefits

PLC Controller Counts Passes to Automatically Replace Sticky Sheet

SoleCleaner™ automatic sticky mat shoe cleaner reduces costly maintenance and cleaning programs prone to human error. The Microprocessor-based touch screen PLC controller counts foot passes to replace the sticky sheet as it becomes soiled.

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