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Number of Blowers

Approx. Occupancy

PriceUsually Ships inStocked
Powder-Coated Steel58"44"120"1 Blower1 $21,15025-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel58"60"120"1 Blower1 $24,58325-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel58"72"120"1 Blower2 $25,31925-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel58"56"120"1 Blower1 $22,12425-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel58"84"120"1 Blower2 $26,78125-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel58"144"120"2 Blowers4 $46,70025-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel58"180"120"3 Blowers5 $64,27825-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel58"240"120"4 Blowers7 $83,09425-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel58"96"120"2 Blowers3 $39,08225-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel58"120"120"2 Blowers3 $45,20925-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel52"44"120"1 Blower1 $19,80825-31 Days
Stainless Steel52"44"120"1 Blower1 $25,96625-31 Days
Stainless Steel52"56"120"1 Blower1 $27,72925-31 Days
Stainless Steel52"60"120"1 Blower1 $30,88225-31 Days
Stainless Steel52"72"120"1 Blower2 $32,16525-31 Days
Stainless Steel52"84"120"1 Blower2 $34,22725-31 Days
Stainless Steel58"44"120"1 Blower1 $27,72925-31 Days
Stainless Steel58"56"120"1 Blower1 $28,93225-31 Days
Stainless Steel58"60"120"1 Blower1 $32,16525-31 Days
Stainless Steel58"72"120"1 Blower2 $33,13325-31 Days
Stainless Steel58"84"120"1 Blower2 $35,05925-31 Days
Stainless Steel64"60"120"1 Blower1 $33,12325-31 Days
Stainless Steel64"72"120"1 Blower2 $35,10025-31 Days
Stainless Steel70"72"120"1 Blower2 $37,97425-31 Days
Stainless Steel90"96"120"2 Blowers3 - 6 $69,21325-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel52"56"120"1 Blower1 $21,15125-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel52"60"120"1 Blower1 $23,60925-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel52"72"120"1 Blower2 $24,58325-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel52"84"120"1 Blower2 $26,14525-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel64"60"120"1 Blower1 $25,31125-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel64"72"120"1 Blower2 $26,81325-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel70"72"120"1 Blower2 $28,99925-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel90"96"120"2 Blowers3 - 6 $52,81925-31 Days
Stainless Steel52"96"120"2 Blowers3 $47,56625-31 Days
Stainless Steel52"120"120"2 Blowers3 $56,88725-31 Days
Stainless Steel52"144"120"3 Blowers4 $59,45625-31 Days
Stainless Steel52"180"120"3 Blowers5 $80,36525-31 Days
Stainless Steel52"240"120"4 Blowers7 $104,33325-31 Days
Stainless Steel58"96"120"2 Blowers3 $51,40425-31 Days
Stainless Steel58"120"120"2 Blowers3 $59,45625-31 Days
Stainless Steel58"144"120"2 Blowers4 $61,41725-31 Days
Stainless Steel58"180"120"3 Blowers5 $84,54425-31 Days
Stainless Steel58"240"120"4 Blowers7 $109,28725-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel52"96"120"2 Blowers3 $36,16425-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel52"120"120"2 Blowers3 $43,25425-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel52"144"120"3 Blowers4 $45,20925-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel52"180"120"3 Blowers5 $61,09925-31 Days
Powder-Coated Steel52"240"120"4 Blowers7 $79,11825-31 Days


• 240V standard - specify 208V, 460V or 480V when ordering

• Removes surface-deposited particles from personnel prior to entering the cleanroom

• Self-contained, turnkey chambers are preassembled at the factory and shipped in two sections (top and bottom) for fast installation

• HEPA-filtered air (rated 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns) washes over personnel to dislodge loose particles that accumulate on garments

• Electromagnetic interlock system prevents the doors from opening before the air shower cycle is completed, protecting the cleanroom from cross-contamination

• Door locks automatically release in the event of a power outage or if one of the Emergency Exit buttons are depressed

• Shower time and door interlock duration can be programmed using the touchscreen control panel

• Air nozzles can be adjusted to redirect streams of air

• Energy-efficient LED lighting includes motion-activation

Air Showers and Tunnels

Standard Features

  • A Pressure Gauge
    Photohelic Pressure Gauge and touch-screen Control Panel
  • B Emergency Stop Buttons
    Emergency Stop Buttons (2)
  • C Air Nozzles
    Hand-adjustable Air Nozzles
  • D LED Lights
    LED Lights
  • E Status Indicator
    Status Indicator
  • F Electrical Access Panel
    Electrical Access Panel
  • G Fan/Filter Housing
    Fan/Filter Housing
  • H Swing Doors
    Swing Doors (2)
  • I 16-gauge Powder-coated Steel
    Material: 16-gauge Powder-coated Steel

Not Shown: Ionizing Bar

Air Showers & Tunnels

  • Air Showers

Features and Benefits

Motion Sensor

Air shower cycles are initiated by a motion sensor located on the ceiling of the chamber. If the LED lighting is set to Smart Lighting mode, the motion sensor will also turn on the lights when personnel enter the air shower.

Recirculation Vents

The closed-loop, recirculating design uses floor-level vents and plenums built into the walls to pull the contaminated air back through the HEPA filter, which removes 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

LED Lighting

Low-profile LED lighting offers excellent visibility and power savings. Lights can either be manually controlled or set to automatic on/off via the touchscreen control panel.

Electromagnetic Interlock Door

Electromagnetic interlocking doors prevent personnel from accidentally opening both air shower doors at the same time, thereby preventing cross-contamination of the cleanroom and the external environment.

Emergency Exit Button

The emergency bypass button immediately shut down the air shower and release the doors when depressed; the doors also release when a power outage occurs to ensure operator safety.

Adjustable Air Shower Nozzles

Adjustable air nozzles on the walls and ceilings provide multi-directional flow of high-velocity, HEPA-filtered air to dislodge and remove particles from surfaces of personnel and parts before they enter the cleanroom.

Touchscreen Control Panel

The touchscreen panel controls cycle durations and entrance/exit delay times. Users can adjust these settings, as well as choose the operating mode for the LED lighting: always on; always off; or motion-detecting mode with shutoff-delay.

Popular Accessories

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  • High-Velocity Cleanroom Air Curtain
    Cleanroom air curtains provide a blade-shaped shower of ULPA-filtered air to dislodge particles from personnel entering a cleanroom
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