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Analog Multi-Channel Chart Recorders

Analog Multi-Channel Chart Recorders
  • Single pen or 1-, 2-, 3-, or 6-point recording
  • Highly reliable and vibration-proof
  • Potentiometric and self-balancing
  • Removable chart drive modules ensure easy chart paper changes, easy calibration

These Analog Multi-Channel Chart Recorders are among the toughest, most compact in the industry today, and are ideal for use in Terra stockers, desiccators, or for recording conditions simultaneously in several cleanroom locations.

Select among 1-, 2-, 3-, or 6-point dotting models using multicolored ink. The dotting tips are non-clogging and non-blotting, and are a snap to change.

The entire recording mechanism slides easily out of the front of this panel-mount unit, making the change of the non-threading chart paper easy and sure, and providing quick access to the zero, span, and gain adjustment controls.

The components of these recorders have been carefully chosen to ensure the most maintenance-free and reliable units possible, from the enclosed balancing slide potentiometer (which uses conductive plastics) to the oil-less plastic bearing. The case is constructed of rugged steel plating; the door is of die-cast aluminum. Measuring only 200 mm deep by 96 mm wide and 144 mm high, these recorders make the best use of valuable panel space and can be mounted on inclines up to 19.5° from vertical; conforms to DIN standards.

Overall Dimensions: 96 mm W x 214 mm D x 144 mm H
Case Dimensions: 92 mm W x 200 mm D x 138 mm H

Analog Multi-Channel Chart Recorders Chino Part # Cat. # Price
6 point ES610-06 1401-14 Call TUI
3 point ES610-03 1402-90 Call TUI
2 point ES610-02 1402-91 Call TUI
1 point ES610-01 1402-92 Call TUI
Standard scale: 0-100.75C
Scale width: 60mm
Indicating accuracy: ± 1.0% of input span
Balancing speed: 2.0 sec. at 50Hz; 1.6 sec. at 60Hz
Chart speed: 10, 20mm/hour and fast feed
Standard dotting interval: 12 sec. at 50Hz; 10 sec. at 60Hz
Chart paper: Fanfold type, effective width 60mm (total width 73mm) length 10 meters
Weight: About 1.7Kg (1700 g)
Input: Select mV, mA, thermocouple or resistance thermometer
Recording system: Dotting type, direct dotting with various colors
  1 point:
2 points:
3 points:
6 points:
Red and Blue
Red, Blue, and Green
Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Purple, and Brown
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