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Dry Shipper; CX100, 3.8 L, IC Biomedical
Product Details
  • CX100 Cryo Vapor Shipper with a 3.8 liter LN2 vapor capacity
  • Faster charging with Advanced Concept Adsorbent
  • IATA regulations compliant for open cryogenic receptacles
  • Design features: rugged construction, superior vacuum performance, super insulation for maximum holding times and lockable lid
  • CX/CXR Series formerly by Worthington Industries (Taylor Wharton)
  • LN2 Specifications:
  • LN2 Capacity (L) 3.8
  • Static Hold Time (Days) 18
  • Evap. Rate (Liters/Day) 0.2
  • Dimensions
  • Necktube (in) 2.75
  • Overall Dia. (in) 8.75
  • Height (in) 18.5
  • Weight:
  • Empty (Lbs./Kg) 11.7
  • Charged Weight (Lbs.) 19
  • Capacity
  • No. of 1.2 ml & 2.0 ml vials (5/cane) 85
  • No. of 1.2 ml & 2.0 ml vials (6/cane) 102
  • Number of .25 cc Straws (28/cane) 784
  • No. of .25 cc Straws, Bulk (2 levels) in Goblets 1640
  • Number of 1/2 straws (10/cane) 280
  • No. of .5 cc Straws, Bulk (2 levels) in Goblets 800
  • Number of Canisters 1
  • Available accessories: replaceable adsorbent kit, spare canister and necktube core, 5-shelf rack for 100-cell polycarb boxes (CXR500), blood bag rack (CXR500), polycarb 100 box (CXR500), lightweight or hardshell shipping case, padded cardboard shipping case with strap, temperature logger (for CXR100), USB and software
  • CXR500 model formerly by Worthington Industries (Taylor Wharton)

Vessel Application: Dry Shipper

2 mL Vial Capacity: 102

Model: CX

Material: Stainless Steel

Design: Free Standing

Low Liquid Nitrogen Alarm: No

Lockable: Yes

Rack System: Optional

Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 3.8 L

Static Hold Time: 18 Days

Manufacturer SKU: CX100B-11M

Evaporation Rate: 0.2 L/Day

Neck Diameter: 2.75" dia.

Vial Capacity Range: <200

Unit of Measure: EA

Marks & Listings: IATA

Electrical Specifications: None

Weight, Product: 11.7 lb

Dimensions, Product: 9" W x 9" D x 18.5" H

Weight, Shipping: 59.5 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 15.2" W x 15.2" D x 26.9" H

Package Type: Crate

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  1. For use with HCL12 #367079 HC Series Cryogenic Refrigerator  |  6900-70 displayed
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  2. For use with VHC35 #367148 HC Series Cryogenic Refrigerator  |  6900-25 displayed
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  3. Shipping Case; Round, for CX100 and CXR100
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  4. Extended Product Warranty
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  • Video instruction on charging a CX/CXR Vapor Shipper by IC Biomedical Charging a CX/CXR Vapor Shipper by IC Biomedical
Video instruction on charging a CX/CXR Vapor Shipper by IC Biomedical

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