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Clean Certified
Terra Universal has been independently certified as a Clean Manufacturing Specialist.

"Manufacturing Solutions"
Terra Universal Profile
Terra Universal is the leading manufacturing expert in critical environment applications, with over 35 years of design and fabrication experience in cleanroom-related industries.
Terra offers you:

One-Stop Product Source — Terra manufactures comprehensive lines of critical environment solutions, including modular cleanrooms, glove boxes, laminar flow benches and furniture designed to meet customer requirements for
  • Particle filtration
  • Laminar flow control
  • Temperature control
  • Humidification/dehumidification
  • Exhaust fume filtration
  • Chemical vapor removal
  • Ultra-clean materials
  • Vibration isolation
  • Biohazard containment
  • Vacuum control
  • Ergonomics
  • Sterilization
  • Static control

Custom Manufacturer — Terra creates solutions for application-specific manufacturing challenges, quickly and economically. Terra’s manufacturing complex in Fullerton, California includes latest-technology CNC sheet metal and plastic equipment along with complete welding, electronics, and metal finishing shops.

On-site Engineering and Technical Support — Terra’s engineering department works with you to design turnkey solutions. Systems are configured, assembled and tested before shipment. For many Terra systems, custom software configurations are available to meet user requirements for temperature, humidity, and decontamination cycles.

Terra also maintains field technical support at locations throughout the U.S. and the world.

After-Sale Support — Terra provides installation and maintenance service and third-party system certification to many common industry requirements.

Internet and On-Line Support — A complete library of operating manuals, catalogues, and other technical publications are available at Terra's web site (, and via e-mail (

Tutorial Catalog — Detailed information, application ideas -- solutions.

Value Leader — Excellent technology and performance at competitive prices.

Standard Prices — Standard published pricing eliminates "crisis pricing."

Manufacturing Facilities

CNC Plastic Fabrication

Polypropylene Fabrication

Laminate Sealing

Electrical/Electronics Assembly

Cleanroom Cleaning and Packaging

Manufacturing Facilities
In order to ensure complete quality control over every stage of the manufacturing process, Terra Universal operates a manufacturing and administrative complex that offers comprehensive fabrication capabilities:

CNC Metal Fabrication
Terra Universal's three metal shops house CNC (computer numerical control) equipment to perform the following precision metal operations:
* Metal punching * Sheet metal breaking * Sheet metal shearing
* Precision machining * Laser & water jet cutting * TIG/MIG welding
In addition, Terra provides electropolishing to produce the smooth, nonparticulating stainless steel surfaces required in cleanroom applications.
CNC Plastic Fabrication
Terra Universal's plastics shop provides precision CNC routing, cutting, drilling, forming and solvent/thermal welding a variety of plastics, including hard and soft acrylic, PVC, polypropylene and polycarbonate.
Terra has extensive experience in fabrication of static-dissipative PVC, which features molecularly embedded dissipative layers that yield a surface resistivity in the dissipative range (between 106 and 108 ohms/cm2).
Polypropylene Fabrication
This specialty fab is devoted to CNC routing, cutting, milling, and drilling of polypropylene used in wet processing and cleaning stations. Thermal welding techniques ensure durable, leak-proof joints required in critical applications with acids and other hazardous process chemistries.

Laminate Sealing
As a major manufacturer of cleanroom benches and storage cabinets, Terra Universal maintains a laminate shop that expertly seals all edges of the electrically controlled surface polymers over the fibercore substrates, yielding work surfaces that will not slough or outgas.
Electrical/Electronics Assembly
Most of Terra's controllers incorporate microprocessor-based control boards, which are manufactured, assembled, and tested on-site. Many electrical modules, including Terra Fan Filter Units, are UL listed and/or CE marked, and wiring can be performed to specified electrical codes. The use of all-stainless steel chassis helps maintain cleanroom compatibility. Most systems are available with third-party certification.
Cleanroom Cleaning and Packaging
On demand, final cleaning and packaging is performed in Terra's on-site Class 10 cleanroom, to customers' specifications.

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Industry Experience
Terra Universal was founded in 1976 to solve the unique requirements within the semiconductor manufacturing industry for ultra-clean, static-safe, controlled humidity storage and processing environments. During the decade that followed, Terra established a reputation as a leading manufacturer of automated storage systems, desiccators, glove boxes, laminar flow and exhaust fume hoods, wet processing stations, cleanroom work benches, and related equipment.

Manufacturers in other industries with similar requirements for critical environments sought out Terra to fabricate products to their own specifications. Partnering with leading companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturing industries, Terra developed new lines of storage and handling equipment.

Manufacturers in many cleanroom-related industries
look to Terra for critical environment solutions.

Terra's success stems from Terra's strong commitment to take on unique manufacturing challenges in critical environments. Staffed by experienced critical environment specialists, Terra remains dedicated to meeting the challenges that manufacturers face today through advanced-technology engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

All engineering and design work is performed on the latest CAD/CAM workstations, and Terra's state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) manufacturing equipment ensures the highest levels of precision and repeatability. In addition to providing strong customer support in all custom work, Terra's engineering department is committed to continuous improvement of existing product lines and to ongoing research and development of new solutions to the most current cleanroom manufacturing problems.

Quality Control
Terra is committed to the goal of complete customer satisfaction in every aspect of our operations. To reach that goal, Terra is implementing an ISO-9000 quality management system. This program includes a dedication to continuous product improvement, realized through
* increased use of CNC processes (to improve dimensional precision and consistency);
* a key inline quality inspection program;
* a Class 10 final cleaning and packaging area.
Customer Support
Terra's sales teams include key support personnel to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Strategic Account Managers (SAMs) provide the specialized technical knowledge required to assess complex applications involving critical environments and to assist in design-and-build phases of new construction projects.

Sales Associates (SAs) possess detailed technical familiarity with all standard catalog lines and are certified in each of Terra's key manufactured lines.

Order Entry Associates (OEAs) provide assistance in catalog ordering

Customer Support Associates (CSAs) monitor each order to guarantee accuracy and prompt delivery.

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Professional Staff

Terra Universal employs a staff of over 225 employees at its main administrative & manufacturing complex in Fullerton, California. Through a network of sales representatives, it maintains a world-wide presence.

Key Terra personnel hold memberships in the following professional associations:
SEMI -- Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers
SMTA -- Surface Mount Technology Association
AGS --American Glovebox Society
AWS -- American Welding Society
SPIE -- International Society for Optical Engineering
IDEMA -- Int'l Disk Drive Equip. & Materials Association
ISPE -- Int'l Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering
IMAPS -- International Microelectronics & Packaging Society

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Key Clients

Terra Universal's active customer base exceeds 4,100 firms in semiconductor, microelectronics, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing, aerospace, laboratory research and medical device manufacturing. No single customer accounts for more than 7% of annual sales.

See below for U.S. Clients broken out by industry, or view Terra's International Client list.

JPL (Jet Propulsion Labs)
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Northrop Grumman Corp.
Raytheon Company
UT-Battelle, LLC
Animal/Veterinary Sciences
Florida A & M University
Kansas State University
University Of Idaho
USDA Forest Service
Architectural Design/Build
Baron Construction Corp.
Engineered Devices Inc.
Gemini Mechanical Services Inc.
MRB Industrial Equipment Supply
Amgen Manufacturing Limited
Applied Biosystems
PrimeGen Biotech LLC
Byrne Medical Inc
Fujifilm Electronic Materials U.S.A, Inc.
Perkin Elmer Inc
Gables Engineering
MW Morgan Construction Inc
Whiting Turner Contracting Company
Accutech Fluid Products Pte Ltd
Battelle For The USDOE
Kaiser Electronics
Teledyne Electronics
Tyco Electronics
Medical Device/Implants
Bausch & Lomb, Inc.
Cryo-Cell International, Inc.
Medtronic Inc
Bayer Healthcare LLC
Merck & Co., Inc.
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Pfizer Inc
Procter & Gamble Co.
Sicor Pharmaceuticals Inc
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Fisher Scientific Company, LLC
Sirus Microtech
VWR International, Inc.
Honeywell International
Micron Technologies
Teledyne Industries Inc
Baylor Health Care System
Providence Health System
Scripps Florida
Ciba Vision
General Atomics
Imclone Systems
ITT Industries
Kodak Versamark
Litton Systems Inc.
Brown University
Cambridge University
Duke University
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
Stanford University
University Of California Berkeley
Yale University
Hewlett Packard
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
NBC Universal Studios
Paramount Films
Pepsi Cola

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